Vatican II Verifications

The Eucharist

   There have many misconceptions that Vatican II changed many things in the Church and "we don't do it that way anymore" has become the refrain in all too many parishes throughout the world. However, surprise! It hasn't changed that much! To prove this, we go to the source: the Vatican Council Postconciliar Documents, expertly compiled by the revered Dominican Austin P. Flannery in two volumes.

    Our first "bone to pick" with dissenters is on the Holy Eucharist and the reception of Holy Communion at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Many are being persecuted and ostracised in their very own parishes because they show reverence for Jesus' true presence in the Host - Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity - by kneeling to receive Him or genuflecting before receiving Him. Detractors claim it is a distraction. As if racing up and thrusting out our hands to receive Our Lord as if he were a hand-out or a cookie is not a distraction?!? Detractors cry that the these "overly pious ones" are living in the past and are plotting to overthrow all that was accomplished at Vatican II. Again, they're in for a big surprise because Vatican II did not overthrow any of these things, but rather reinforced the reverence all should show. Below are the verifications of the documents on reception of the Holy Eucharist that state this, taken from VATICAN COUNCIL II, VOLUME II, More Postconciliar Documents; General Editor Austin Flannery, O.P. Costello Publishing Company, page 96.

   There are horror stories of parishes using all kinds of recipes that make up the host, from ginger to cinnamon, to other spices and flours...or priests and even bishops consecrating "loaves of leavened bread" at special masses or conferences, where crumbs of the Sacred species were left scattered everywhere. The Council was very specific in maintaining the ingredients and matter in the hosts as pointed out here:

November 6, 1997 volume 8, no. 25         Vatican II Verifications