DAILY CATHOLIC -    Tuesday, February 3, 1998   volume 9, no. 24



by Father John Hampsch, C.M.F.

Faith: Key to the Heart of God

Twenty-fourth Installment: Measuring Maturity it does no good to worry!

     In II Corinthians 9 Paul says the Lord will give you much so that you can give away much. He does not give you much to hoard. We are stewards, not owners.

     That is just one of the thousands of things God has revealed through His Word. Youíve heard it, you know it, but do you believe it? Howís your secondary faith? It is in proportion to your primary faith. If you really believe in Him, then that truth under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit will grip you and change your whole behavior. If you really love God, you canít be a materialist. You wouldnít worry about paying your bills, youíd trust the Lord to provide. You would not be concerned about what you would eat or what you would wear, only heathens and publicans do that, Jesus said (Matthew 6:31 and 32). Six times Jesus forbids us to worry about material things in Matthew 6: Jesus says, "Your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things." The worldling says, "I have to fend for myself."

     On a preaching assignment in Las Vegas recently, I saw, even in the airport, slot machines with people avariciously pulling at the "one-armed bandits," plugging in their money. We stopped for a hamburger on the way from the airport and my host said to me - in contrast to what I had just seen, "I wish I didnít have to have money. I wish I could give it all away. Iím tired of fighting this worry of how to pay taxes and how to pay the bills. If I could just be free. I envy you, Father, for your freedom. Youíve taken a vow of poverty, you donít worry about these things. You give to the Community and they give you back what you need. No worry." He threw his money on the counter to pay for the burgers as if to say, "Thank God I got rid of some more filthy lucre!"

     His desire was to become disengaged from the things of the world. Isnít it crazy, all this grabbing for money? In Las Vegas, many people are intoxicated with money-hunger, waiting for that jackpot. People who watch game shows by the hour gush, "Ooh, they won a new refrigerator; ooh, they won a new car, oooooh!"

     Authentic Christians realize that they are only stewards of Godís treasures. That is one effect of secondary faith. They are not materialists in the grip of money. They are Christians in the secure grip of Godís love! Hence their primary faith is reflected in this and every other form of secondary faith.

Next Installment: Measuring Maturity do we shop around or do we fully buy into our faith?

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