Daily CATHOLIC - February 3, 1998    volume 9, no. 24



     Few supreme pontiffs have ever been younger than Pope Innocent III who was born to be Pope. His talents and total loyalty to God as Vicar of Christ, the term he established on a regular basis, bore much fruit that is felt even today in the work done by the Dominicans and the Franciscans for it was Innocent who approved of both Saint Dominic's efforts and the worthy mission of a humble friar who the world would come to know as Saint Francis of Assisi. In future installments we will deal with these two great saints and their contributions to the Church and historical events of that time, but first we present a review of the state of the Church at the turn of the thirteenth century so all can better understand how Innocent's leadership paved the way for a stronger Church.

Pope Innocent III:State of the Church at the end of the Twelfth Century.

Installment Fifty-five

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