Message One Hundred Seventeen and One Hundred Eighteen

Message One Hundred Seventeen: October 17, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, my dear child, I come to comfort, to console, to guide all my children.

      You must tell them again how much I love them. And you must ask each of them, beginning with yourself, to tell them that love is born of the soul, and matures in the heart. This is why for ten years I have spoken of conversion of heart. Many still do not understand what this means. It is very simple: Love. Not man's love which seeks after human affection. Love of and for God alone, which is the most sublime love, which makes all human love holy and pleasing.

      My children want to put aside the cares of the world, but they do not know how. Over and over I have told you, In my life on earth as Mother of God I showed you the way. You cannot forsake the responsibilities of your earthly life, but only when they are totally centered on God shall you have forsaken them in a way which breaks all the bonds of satan and his snares.

      You are very weak, little ones, and that is why God has sent me to mother you in a holy way, to point out the true way to Jesus and to take you there.

      You are so easily led astray. You believe that even when you strive to be good, strive to awaken your spouse, your children, your neighbor, even your priest to a holier, better way you serve and please God. But you are in error if by such efforts you feel chaos within yourselves and cause others to fall further from the Truth.

      Yes, the times are urgent, grave. They are vital for all mankind. But if you possess God, you are gentle and kind, even to those in error. You pray and act in accord with the Holy Spirit. You are not clashing cymbals, but the voices of angels loving one another as my Son loved.

      Read Scripture. O! Please read again and learn how my Divine Son treated the poor wretches who were diseased in body and soul. He rejected no one. He loved and forgave, He prayed and atoned. He, the perfect one, was tireless not in demonstrating, but in loving.

      Hear my words clearly. I am not speaking of human pacifism which is blind to evil and therefore condones it. I am showing you how by a faith-filled life you, in union with my Son, can bring to all men the Kingdom of God.

      Do not be deceived. It is not an easy task, a road strewn with flowers. No, it is my Son's Way--The Way of the Cross. And for many, many even that way of suffering is hidden from the world. Be not saddened. God sees. My Son sees. I see. We are there to help at every instance, and your faith and trust support the love which carries you forth.

      Let everything become prayer, beautiful and holy because it is an act of the will and a sign of perfect love. Only in this way does the Holy Spirit infuse the knowledge and wisdom to help you accept suffering and, yes, to long for it.

      I repeat again for all my children. Look to the Heavens constantly. God's signs are written there. To those who believe, they are visible within yourself. Grow still. His words are constantly given to you. Look to the world through the eyes of the world. You will see that it is void of God and swirls with demons who divide, destroy, incite to hatred disguised as holy righteousness. Then you will become the meek lamb. Then you become one with my Son. Then do you work in union with God's plan.

      His Holy Plan cannot be conceived. Yet I warn you it is the great moment before the Justice descends. Grow now in faith. Trust without reservation. Love with an open, generous heart the Triune God. Then you shall know that all I have spoken is the Truth, but you will clearly discern the Truth as God speaks it, not as man interprets it.

      Pray in humility and I will help you. Thank you, my little ones for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Eighteen: October 21, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, tell my children that the Golden Door has appeared as God's promise of His covenant. This sign has been given as hope, and my Son's glorious return shall open the universal door of my Son's Heart.

      The signs of confirmation are in the sky. My Son will come in Glory to judge, and time will be no more. Be not deceived. The hour is known to the Father, but to you I say: Convert now!

      Beware the mid-east peace conference!

      Thank you for responding to my Call!

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