Reflections on Sacred Scripture

by Cyndi Cain

Are you listening to God's voice? He's speaking to you right now.

"Today if you shall hear His voice, do not harden your hearts"

Psalm 95: 7-8 and Hebrews 3: 15
      The majority of people would say, perhaps with a sigh, that they have never heard God speak to them. Hearing God speak is a privilege allotted to a few chosen souls, but not the average person.
      Perhaps the problem, beyond the obvious fact that we are often too busy, too anxious, too concerned to hear Him speak to us, is that we think we have to hear with our ears. Each one of us has heard God speak. No, not with our ears.
      You see, God is Omnipotent. His Voice IS, as He Is. It is everywhere, at all times and for all of us.
      Today you have heard His voice. You just didnít recognize it. Didnít you hear God gently but surely place the sun in the sky so that dawn would come? Were you aware that God spoke as he drew the curtain of night over you? Didnít you hear Him sprinkle the stars in the sky, or scatter the clouds that raced across the moon?
       When your alarm clock buzzed you awake, maybe you concentrated so much on that annoying sound that you didnít hear as He said, "Good-morning," as He woke you. You were rushed, right? You had to get ready for the day, grab a quick bite to eat. Did you know that He said to you, "Here, enjoy the food I have prepared for you this day. It is my gift to you, who are My child."
       How about that traffic commute to work, the countless stressful situations enroute, the guy that cut you off, ran a traffic light or stop sign? Did you hear God say, as He does, "I am With You, I have kept you in the palm of My hand."
       Oh, and donít overlook His voice in the words of your spouse who greets you upon rising, upon returning home from work, and before sleep comes at night. Donít overlook that smile on a face, the grin on your childís face as he/she rushes into your arms as you come home for the evening. Donít forget that He is there, speaking to you as you eat, sleep, play, rest and think.
       You see, you donít recognize His voice because you expect to hear an actual voice. Yes, sometimes that happens, but not always. God doesnít need to shout if our hearts are open to Him. He shouts when we donít pay attention, when we donít hear and listen to Him as He guides us through every moment of every day.
       Yes, today you have heard His voice. Did you recognize it? Did you thank Him for His words? Or, did you forget Him in the rush and stress of life and, consequently, harden your heart.
       His signs and wonders are everyday occurrences, and they are the manifestation of His Voice always present, whispering to you, loving you, correcting your course of action, your words and thoughts, steering everything toward Him. Today, you heard God speak! How can you doubt, when you have life, for He is life. He speaks, and you speak to Him just as easily as you speak to any other person you meet in life.
       He is. Because He Is, you are, and from Him His words echo in your heart, speed to your mind through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and lead you to a conscious and ever-present awareness of Him. Today, you heard God speak! Blessed are you, Godís child, to have heard His voice with your eyes, your heart, and not necessarily your ears.
       If, throughout the course of your life, you do not hear with your ears, how blessed that day in eternity when you shall hear, with all your senses. Then you will know that there wasnít one moment when He did not speak to you!
       Listen! Heís speaking to you now!

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