by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

Free Will is for choosing good...for choosing God!

     January 22, 1998 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision of the Supreme Court. This decision which legalized abortion paved the way for the death of millions and millions of unborn human babies.

      I never could understand how people could rationalize the killing of the unborn. One of the arguments used to be that "the tissue" was not human life. My answer: Dogs have dog offspring, cats have cat offspring and humans have human offspring. Fertilized eggs are living because they multiply and grow. Inanimate objects such as rocks, do not grow. They are inanimate. They do not have life. What grows in the womb of a woman IS human life because she is human and the cells within her multiply and grow. It is contrary to human development that a woman would have a dog, or cat or frog as offspring.

      Letís be honest. The moral conscience of so many people today is in a state of darkness. This is due in part to the fact that many Catholics (about 40 years and younger) have NOT been adequately taught their Faith. They, therefore, cannot have the basic principles needed to understand that to hold a Pro-Choice position is immoral. Many Catholics unwittingly think that the free will of people needs to be respected and therefore synonomize the terms Free Will and "Pro Choice."

      The truth is that God did NOT give us free will in order to choose evil. How could God be an All-Good God if He were to say to us in effect: "I give you free will in order that you may choose evil over good!" NO! God would not be an All-Good God if He paved the way for us to or gave us "permission" to do evil. Remember, sin offends God. How could God say: "You may offend Me!"

      This is where so many Catholics are so ill-informed. God gave us free will to choose good; to choose between goods; in order that we would choose to love and honor Him. God did not want to FORCE us to love Him. He wants us to love Him of our own choosing.

      Pro-Choicers do not apply their position to other moral matters. I never hear a pro-choice person say that they want to respect the "right" of someone to burn down their house or burglarize their house or kill their pet, or embezzle their business, or put a bomb under their car. Why not! Isnít that part of their understanding of why people have free will? The complete application of THEIR understanding of free will does not apply in those matters, but they rationalize their position with regard to abortion. A baby is so easy to exterminate. We are so much more powerful than they are. They are so little and defenseless that their existence doesnít matter. A baby would upset my lifestyle. I prefer to be selfish and think of MYSELF instead of THE OTHER PERSON.

      In Cuba Our Holy Father said that when a society affirms abortion, it deadens its conscience. This condition will lead to other and continued grave injustices. Letís pray! God bless!

January 1998