Message Five Hundred and Eighty-Six on the evils of abortion

Message Five Hundred and Eighty-Six: January 22, 1995

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
     Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I love and bless you.

      On this day, I, Jesus Christ, Only-begotten Son of God, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and Savior of the world, do solemnly tell the world:

      Behold, the chalice of the suffering of the innocents is overflowing. Behold, the stench of the slaughter of the innocents is greater than in that moment in Bethlehem when Herod, My adversary slaughtered the Holy Innocents.

      Behold, I, Jesus Christ, do solemnly say to all the world: THE EVIL SIN OF ABORTION MUST END NOW! This evil rocks the Heavens. All the hosts of Heaven weep, and My Own Most Sacred Heart sheds drops of Blood for this outrage!

      When shall you hear Me, O world gone mad by satan's designs? When will you once again recognize My Sovereignty as King of Kings, Creator of all life!?! When, O world, shall you cease your abominations? When, O when shall you fall to your knees before My True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament and beg of Me to stop this horrific deed?

      I do solemnly tell you that there is no violence committed against any one of My children in My Name that is pleasing before My Throne. Those who use My Name to murder a murderer at any abortion clinic is satan's victim and not My servant! I alone Am Life. I alone give Life. I alone take Life!

      Therefore, hear Me, O world, especially all bishops and priests: The sin of abortion will not stop until all reverence is returned to Me in The Most Blessed Sacrament. I want My churches open at every hour! I want My Tabernacle to be returned to Its rightful place where My children might come to Me. I want to be placed in the Monstrance, and I want Adoration of My True Presence to be a full part of every church.

      I want every bishop to announce this in his Diocese and to hear no dispute from any priest or lay committee. I want all bishops and priests to faithfully lead My children in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, and I want My True Presence in The Most Blessed Sacrament to be taken in solemn procession to every abortion clinic. There I ask My children, priests, religious and lay, to kneel in prayer and to humbly recite the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, so that through Divine Mercy abortion ends.

      I do solemnly tell My people: Let My Order of Divine Mercy begin and let its Rule be lived fully. It is through the on-going work I gave to My saint Faustina that I, Jesus Christ, desire for My Divine Mercy to be poured out upon your sinful world. It is My Plan that through this new Institute the world shall come to drink from the Cup of My Most Precious Blood, that My Mercy may be visibly seen and you shall be healed in soul, body and mind.

      Hear Me, for soon the world shall be given a great sign of My Presence among you. Let all who have ears hear!

      No longer shall abortion be tolerated. No more shall I allow man to commit even more evil in My Name, which is Most Holy.

      ENOUGH! Return to Me, for already My angels stand at the ready to bring the full weight of Justice to the world.

      Hear My Words and those of My Holy Mother, and live these Words. I Come! Prepare!

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January 22, volume 9, no. 16         DAILY CATHOLIC "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

January 1998