Messages One Hundred Fifteen and One Hundred and Sixteen

Message One Hundred Fifteen: October 5, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I bless you. Abide in my Son's Heart always and give all to Him, for that is prayer.

      The times grow fierce and my chosen little ones suffer everywhere. Oh! The beast will try to discourage all of my children from the right path. He will lure many to perdition unless you convert now and become one with my Divine Son. This is possible, my children, for all men because it is the will of Almighty God. You have only to will what He Wills to have faith capable of reforming all the world.

      Many nations shall fall. Already their foundations crumble. It is coming faster now, but still you refuse to believe, to convert your hearts. What will my children do when they no longer have their secure world? Oh! So many will blame God, deny Him Who is Goodness and ruin their souls for all eternity.

      Beloved, I beg each of you to take my messages seriously and to act upon them by giving yourselves completely to God. His graces are there to help you. All the angels of heaven stand ready to help you. I am with you along every step of the journey.

      Pain and suffering will come if you are my Son's consecrated soul. But these become for you a triumph of such greatness you cannot conceive of it. For those who reject my Son, they too shall suffer pain but for them it will become an eternal torment.

      Choose now. Review your life. Make your commitment. I am Queen of Peace. Mother of Mercy and Hope. I bring all these to my children and too few willingly accept.

      The world is passing away. All that is happening has been written from all eternity. Your finite minds cannot but fail to grasp the plan of God. Yet all around you are signs. Signs of warning! But given in order to give Hope, to inspire faith and foster love. Awaken now, my children. The wolf is at your door and you refuse to be vigilant.

      Woe to those who are lazy and put off their conversion. They shall not be spared suffering, but so great shall be their terror when God's Justice sweeps the universe that they shall see their true master--satan and the horrors of his reign.

      Behold! The dragon with seven head has nearly engulfed every corner of the world. Even the sacred places fall prey to his wiles. I mourn for my persecuted ones--my priest-sons who see the apostasy's ugly head but are unable by themselves to trample it to death. Many will die because of their heroic efforts. Many, too, shall be my little ones who, secured in my Immaculate Heart will keep the true faith alive. In the darkness they will shine. In the chaos they will be a refuge amidst the refuges I have chosen.

      Again I warn you. Look at the signs. Listen. Pray constantly to be alert, guided by the Holy Spirit. As for the dragon, the antichrist: From out of the waters he will come; from the smoke he will arise.

      I repeat this warning that you may ponder it well in prayer for this time is here. He has come from the water. The traces of smoke gather, soon to be seen. Listen! Pray! Watch! Wait!

      I love you. I bless you. I give you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Fifteen: October 10, 1991

Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, my children thirst for words from Heaven. But is their faith sufficient to believe what is spoken? O! To so many I have spoken but their ears do not hear because their minds govern, not their souls. Poor sorrowful children who do not even understand their deprivation.

      I see because I am Mother of All by God's Authority. I yearn with a fierce love burning brighter than the sun to bring all into my Son's arms. How resistant so many are to my caresses. But I will not cease until God has said "Enough."

      You do not think--you do not want to think--that He will say "enough." You are frightened by this thought and you reject it because you lack faith and hope by which Divine Love soars.

      If you possessed love as God intended you would not be afraid. Rather, working mightily, you would rush toward God with arms outstretched. You would want this for the world because you would understand. In your understanding you would perceive God and the love would be so great you could no longer be human. Only your soul, your spirit could embrace such love.

      Listen, my children. Please pray more. Pray from your heart. It is not that it is difficult. It is in the will that it becomes light and easy. Will to pray. God will help you. I will help you. I will guide your words. Be very humble. Reject the world. Only then, my children, will you begin to hear Heaven's words.

      I love and bless you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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