DAILY CATHOLIC - THURSDAY, January 15, 1998    volume 9, no. 11


Installment Fifty-Four

Wake-up Call to all Catholics the twenty eighth clarion

installment fifty-four

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church - part fifteen:
"The Culture of Death's silent accomplices"

      The date was January 22, 1969 and, with apologies to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this is really the day that will live in infamy - not Pearl Harbor. Since that fateful day millions and millions of innocent children - the "holy innocents" - have been slaughtered in the womb, surpassing the number of deaths in all the wars of history...that's a lot of souls...a hell of a lot of souls and we suspect a lot of souls in hell due to this evil deed which has become probably the most volatile issue in politics today.

      The Republican Party is coming to grips, or should we say, blows this week in Palm Springs over the abortion issue with a strong contingent of delegates lobbying for a total pro-life party that will in no way fund an pro-abortion candidate. While there are some in the party that feel the GOP's will go too far and alienate too many by this rash measure, it would be more of a rash measure if they continue to think this way and do nothing or water down the platform. It's about time politicos take the bull by the horns or horns will be all they see for the rest of eternity. If this country is to right itself and truly be protected by its protectress the Immaculate Heart of Mary, then politicians like Frank Keating, governor of Oklahoma, a strong Catholic pro-lifer and others of his calibre need to forge ahead, forgetting the rhetoric and fears expressed by pro-life leaders such as Republican Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois and author of the proposed ban on partial-abortion Rep. Charles Canady of Florida, who both seem to be waffling, ready to cave to pressure to not go too far in alienating others. Face it, if you alienate God, what does the rest matter? Some Republicans are saying by pushing for this strict "litmus test" against pro-abortion candidates, the party will be committing political suicide. What's really suicide is to fall prey to the compromise and water down their resolve. Isn't that what happened when Bob Dole and the rest of his GOP cronies failed to address the abortion issue, weakly mentioning it as an "oh, by the way" item. The results were suicide for the party as the most deadly and immoral man in presidential annals was elected to a second term, opening the door wider for the culture of death culture to expand. It is a known fact that President Clinton, a staunch pro-abortionist and a man of loose morals by his own admission and by the facts, has come out against cloning, imploring Congress to ban it. What a hypocrite! Why is he jumping on the bandwagon, changing horses in mid-stream so to speak? Because it's politically expedient at this time. The majority are against cloning, so Clinton waffles to that side of the agenda. If the majority were for cloning you can bet slick Willie would be on that side. You see, the principal person of our country has no principles. That's a proven fact. Columnist Cal Thomas of the Los Angeles Times says it succinctly, "Clinton has no moral standing to speak against cloning. It would be like Pamela Lee, the 'Baywatch' star who reveals her assets even while pregnant, coming out in favor of modest dress." For those Catholics who might not know who Pamela Lee is, good for you. We need less of her ilk and more Cal Thomases, more Frank Keatings. And less Bill Clintons, Al Gores, Richard Seeds, Jack Kervorkians and the other notorious culture of death advocates.

      We also need more Catholics to stand up and be counted, faithful militants to join the likes of Cardinal John O'Connor and most of the bishops of America who emphatically agree with Pope John Paul II that abortion is the greatest threat to civilization today. Why is it Catholics speak out so strongly against the death penalty but are so silent when it comes to abortion? Is it because they have been brain-washed by the media to believe that the decision of aborting an innocent fetus is between a woman and her doctor? If that's the case they're in for a shock when judgment time comes. The individual members of the media won't have their publishers to pat them on the back when they stand before the Almighty to answer for how they spread this sin through promoting acceptance and tolerance. The pastor or parent who did not speak out against this abomination but rather counseled the bewildered pregnant one to "follow her own conscience" will have to answer for their own consciences. The woman, who had the abortion, won't have her doctor with her to plead her case of her rational for having the abortion, for aborting a life planned and created by God. Conversely, the doctor won't have the woman to sing his praises or that he did a good job. The abortion doctor will have to face the fact that he not only violated his sacred Hippocratic Oath by purposely killing, but that he gave way to greed and the culture of death. In truth, he was a modern-day Judas betraying God and his profession, not to mention civilization, by taking thirty pieces of silver to end the life of a human being rather than do all in his power to save a precious soul. We know God is merciful, but He is equally just. The verdict at the final judgment could greatly be affected by the wailing sounds of the aborted babies - the "aborted angels of the womb" who cry out to Heaven for vengence. These are the principal participants in this case, but there are others - the silent accomplices - who the celestial Jury may not be so favorable toward. That's where we come in folks.

      As committed, concerned Catholics our first priority is to pray for the end of abortion. Our greatest ally is the Mother of all mothers - our loving Heavenly Mother Mary. She first alerted us to the sacredness of life when she gave her fiat to the Angel Gabriel, then by braving the cold and rejection of Bethlehem to bring forth her Divine Son, then standing by Him through "thick and thin" all the way to and past the cross. Then, in 1531 she announced to the world that she wanted an end to human sacrifice when she appeared to Blessed Juan Diego at Guadalupe. Today she has appeared to countless messengers and visionaries echoing the same urgent request - to put an end to human sacrifice. We can do this by praying daily through the most powerful weapon she has given us - the Rosary. We can offer our daily Masses and Holy Communions for the end of abortion, for the elevation of human life in all its stages. And we can speak out - in our homes to our children, in our parish, in our communities, in the workplace. God does not want us to speak out confrontationally but rather lovingly, imploring compassion and concern for God's innocents. God wants the truth spread and He can only do that through our help - all of us. Organizations such as Father Paul Marx' Human Life International and Operation Rescue have done much to stop abortion, although the latter has come under criticism for their confrontations with pro-abort demonstrators on the front lines outside the abortuaries. The best tactic has proven to be those demonstrations, led by bishops and priests, where the people pray the Rosary peacefully in unison, always within earshot of the abortuary and its victims of the culture of death. Prayer can effect miracles and it will take a miracle to stop abortion, to stop assisted suicide, to stop euthanasia. It's time to grab our weapons, load up and start firing those Hail Mary's in an effort to dent the hardened hearts of a culture that has forgotten love, forgotten how precious life is (except their own) and forgotten that God is the Author of all life.

     Next week, on the exact day of the Roe vs. Wade decision, we will revisit this horrendous verdict, the consequences over the past 25 years and how God works in mysterious ways through the conversion of many, including the principal plaintiff of Roe vs. Wade.

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January 1998