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no. 24

The Age of Marian Apparitions
installment forty five

   The title for this installment "Listen, Learn and Live..." came from those early parochial elementary days when Sister Honorata said, "Listen and learn, young man...or else!" The "...or else" instilled fear in all of us and we sat up straight, heeding her advise under pain of ruler-rapped fingers or flying erasers. Back in those days, the good holy sisters were experts in putting the Fear of the Lord into all of us! While we had great respect for them, there was also that trepidation, and rightfully so, if we got out of line. Many a sore knuckle can attest to that. Many of us will also admit we became experts at dodging aerial missiles of chalk! Through the years the good sisters' advise stuck, only to be eroded by society and modern norms that tried to debunk all the values we were taught. Yet, the older we get, the more we realize the wisdom of the holy nuns and harken back to their counsel, astutely rejecting the emptiness of today's world. Their teaching was human but based on something that today's education system is not: Divine Revelation. How sorry we feel for the recent generations who did not have that strict discipline growing up. Their foundation is shaky and their values and morals are easily eroded because they did not listen and learn. Now they are forced to learn and listen the hard way...one they don't understand because they did not really have the basics of their faith taught to them the way generations before them were. That is one of the main reasons for the DAILY CATHOLIC - to inform all generations of the truths handed down through the ages...still as relevant today as ever, if not more so. We are reminded that if we do not listen to the Word of God, listen to the Magisterium of the Church, listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to us, listen to the Mother of God who is communicating daily through apparitions or locutions to messengers on every continent - then "...or else!" is the inevitable.

    During the Age of Marian Apparitions, which began with the first Church-approved apparition of Mary (Our Lady of Pilar) to Saint James the Apostle in 40 AD in Zaragosa, Spain and continued up to the present day, having intensified over the last two centuries, the Blessed Mother has not revealed anything new, but rather reinforced all that is contained in Public Revelation. And, throughout the time of the Age of Marian Apparitions, most private revelation has been true to the teachings of Divine Revelation. In this special time, we need to listen to and learn what God is telling us through Sacred Scripture, the Traditions, Teachings, and Doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and through the special blueprint Our Lady has been charting as Queen of Prophets via her messages to thousands through private revelation to live what God is telling us.

&nbps;   Though we don't have to follow private revelation, it would be wise to listen, for we can learn much from what Jesus and His Blessed Mother are asking us to live. Our Lady has been reiterating over and over to "read Sacred Scripture" - to "live it and pray to understand the signs of the times." We are all looking to the skies for the signs but they are all around us and we don't realize it. We must open the eyes of our hearts and souls to truly understand the signs God is sending and has been sending. The nineties are nothing new in respect to private revelation. There has been private revelation since the beginning of time. If we can talk to God and His chosen Heavenly messengers such as Blessed Mary, then why can't He talk to us and allow those He sends to talk to us?

    God speaks to us every day through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and in the Word, taken from Sacred Scripture. The Holy Father has asserted the importance of the Gospel, "Be Proud of the Gospel. The Church needs your energies, your enthusiasm, your youthful ideals in order to make the Gospel of Life penetrate the fabric of society, transforming people's hearts and the structures of society in order to create a civilization of true justice and love. Now, more than ever, in a world that is often without light and without courage of noble ideals, people need the fresh, vital spirituality of the Gospel."

    The Gospel, of course, is part of Public Revelation - Sacred Scripture, also called Divine Revelation which is contained in both Scripture and Tradition. So many, especially non-Catholics, place more emphasis on the Bible without realizing the equal role Tradition plays in Divine Revelation. After all, the "Bible" evolved from Tradition...not Tradition from the Bible! But neither is more important than the other for God is the author of Divine Revelation. He cannot deceive or be deceived. The public revelation of truths to men by God began with Adam and Eve and ended at the death of Saint John, the beloved Apostle. It has come down to us through Holy Scripture, written down under Divine inspiration, and through Tradition, handed down orally from Apostolic times. This is Public Revelation which, as members of the True Church, we must believe!

   God asks us every day to listen and learn because all these things He has given us are "signs of the times," and, by going back to basics and reading Sacred Scripture and living it, and only by praying can we understand these signs and know the course to take.

NEXT WEEK: Part Two: The role of Tradition

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November 5, 1997     volume 8, no. 24
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