DAILY CATHOLIC for November 4
Significant Sites
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vol, 8
no. 23

Everything you always wanted to know about Catholicism but didn't know where to find it!

New Advent Supersite     The site we're featuring today is a veritable virtual library of Catholic information. Operated by the Knight Organization, a Lakewood, Colorado-based non profit organization tied to Supernet a high tech company that specializes in web works. With these resources the Knight Organization is able to dedicate a sub-site from knight.org to using the web to spreading the Roman Catholic faith. It can be found at http://www.knight.org/advent/ it is probably the simplest of any site on the net. Though it is devoid of all graphics and photos except for the New Advent Catholic Supersite Logo on many pages. Whatever you want to look up, this site most probably has it. All categories are expertly alphabetized and getting to them is lightning quick. We dare you to find a site that downloads faster!

   Material is concise but complete and should be a favorite for all Catholic scholars and those interested in their faith. They have a limited links section, but that is not a deterrent. Strong on apologetics they provide links to Catholic Answers and Peter's Net - two exceptional sources along with several others. What this site lacks in graphic creativity, it makes up for in practicality, quantity, quality, immediacy and accuracy. They feature the entire work of the Summa Theologica along with the Catholic Encyclopedia and an impressive assortment of ancient Christian writings by monks, saints and Church Fathers. In a word it is a Cornucopia Collection of Catholic Treasure. Therefore, on a scale of ten Hail Mary's we're giving New Advent Catholic Supersite a full decade: Ten Hail Mary's.


November 4, 1997 volume 8, no. 23
Significant Sites

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