November 21-23
volume 8, no. 36    
FRI-SAT-SUN November 21-23, 1997

Christ the King
Christus Rex
      Since Latin is the official language of Holy Mother Church, all headlines on the left side of this page will be in Latin today. This weekend is the Church's "Mardi Gras," the beginning of "New Year's Eve Week" for it is the last Sunday of the liturgical year and the SOLEMNITY OF CHRIST THE KING. The new year begins next week with the First Sunday of Advent. This weekend is packed with feasts with Friday being the Feast of the Presentation of Mary, Saturday the feast of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr in the early Church, and of course the grand celebration of Christ the King on Sunday. Click on LITURGY to read about all these feasts and review the readings for the celebration of Holy Mass for these three days.

Omnes gentes servient Ei Regi
Cyndi Cain       The words above translate to "All nations shall serve Him - the King. The Gospel for Sunday's Solemn Feast is the subject of Cyndi Cain's Reflection of Sacred Scripture this week as she reiterates the need for all God's children to be subject to Him and pay homage to the King in outwardly ways as well as inwardly in "Every knee shall bend to the King!". Click on "COME UNTO ME"

Caveat emptor
      The Latin phrase above, of course, translates to "buyer beware" and we are warning faithful Catholics not to buy the liberal, devisive rhetoric coming from the cardinal of Los Angeles Roger M. Mahoney who demands obedience from his constituents and others to him, but does not return that obedience to the Holy Father. We take this prelate, who is leading his flock and many others astray, to task in "Beware of the stranger among us: the wolf in sheep's clothing!" in today's editorial which includes a never-before published message from the Blessed Mother to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart imparted well over three months before Mahoney became a cardinal in which Our Lady warned us of the dangers we see being enacted today by this radical and devilishly clever prelate. Click on CATHOLIC PewPoint

Ostende nobis, Domine, misericordiam Tuam: et salutare Tuum da nobis.
      "Show us, O Lord, Thy mercy, and grant us Thy salvation" is the theme of Sister Mary Lucy Astuto's column today as she talks about preparing for Advent which is just around the corner in "Salvation Requires Self-Denial". Click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER

Instructiones Vaticana
Vatican Web       The Instructions from the Vatican, released last Thursday on the Role of the Laity in assisting the Priests, are continued daily here with the fifth installment of the entire 37-page document that will continue until its completion. Today's installment introduces the Theological Principles with part one of The Common Priesthood of the Faithful and the Ministerial Priesthood with documentation of all sources. Click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

Enchidrion Vaticanum
      That is the title of the entire documents of the Second Vatican Council in Latin. We continue our weekly treatise on clarifying the Vatican II documents in the face of those who say "Vatican II changed that." We bring proof from the documents that that is not the case, rather Vatican II enhanced it. Today we treat the liturgical rules for purifying the sacred vessels as well as Vatican II's proclamation that females would and could not be altar servers! The daily feature CATECHISM CAPSULES will return Monday through Thursday with Fridays being dedicated to this feature. Click on Vatican II Verifications

Ad gentes divinitus
      That is the title of the Decree on the Church's missionary activity which is a main theme of the bishops' Synod of America currently in its first of four week run at the Vatican. We continue with our daily reports, courtesy of Catholic World News service and ZENIT News Service out of Rome. Today we bring you "Common Responses to Common Problems" discussed by the participants of the synod. Click on Daily Synod Synthesis

Ora pro nobis
      The prayers and devotions, for this weekend comprise the Consecration, Prayer and Preface for the Solemnity of Christ the King. Click on PRAYERS & DEVOTION

Medjugorje Monthly Message
October 25th Message
The Gospa    Dear children: Also, today I am with you and I call all of you to renew yourselves by living my messages. Little children, may prayer be life for you and may you be an example to others. Little children, I desire for you to become carriers of Peace and of God's Joy to today's world without peace. That is why, little children, pray, pray, pray! I am with you and I bless you with my motherly peace. Thank you for having responded to my call!
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with a Catholic slant

    Saddam blinks at eleventh hour shortly after Pope calls for peaceful truce in Gulf
          Coinciding with the Holy Father's pleas for peaceful settlement in the turbulent mid-east between Iraq and the United States, as well as the UN, Saddam Hussein conceded to the demands of the western powers to allow arms inspectors back into Bagdad. The Pope, fearing the domino effect of the Iraq crisis with the tensions in Israel, Egypt and Palestine as well as other neighboring Arab countries, has repeatedly sought peace. Click on Gulf Crisis to read more.

    Archbishop Chaput tweaks the conscience of all bishops at third day of Synod
         The Americanization of the Pope continued as he had fun with it, poking fun at himself. But the real heart of the day belonged to Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput, the United States first native-Indian archbishop, when he spoke to the assembly of bishops from the western hemisphere, pinpointing the problems that have arisen among the bishops and their dioceses and calling on them to live what they preach and strive for personal holiness above all else. click on Chaput to read more.

    Cuba says "si" to welcoming priests and nuns
          In an about face from a month ago, and in the continuing spirit of cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church, Communist authorities in Cuba have agreed to allow over fifty Latin American priests and nuns into the country. Could this be the reversal of years of persecution? Click on Cuba to read more.

    Is the Legion of Decency on its way back?
          On a weekend where Disney honcho Michael Eisner, responsible for increasingly trashy and immoral programing, goes on 60 Minutes Sunday night to spout the company line in defending Disney's lax agenda on illicit sex and Catholic-bashing, the US Bishops Communication Campaign announced they are going to provide increased reviews and ratings on all movies with a special Review Line to call. Click on Movies to read more.

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Today's Proverb honors the feast of Christ the King
"The King takes delight in honest lips; and the man who speaks what is right He loves."

Proverbs 16: 13


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