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no. 34

The Age of Marian Apparitions
INTRODUCTION:     No matter the age, the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart have been imparting the same message: "Pray! Pray! Pray!" A return to God is the priority and why God has sent His messenger - the Mother of God in a special way to convey God's Will, reinforcing Divine Revelation and His Holy Church. It is only through constant prayer, taken as a bouquet in loving, motherly intercession before the Throne of God, that the hearts of mankind will eventually be softened and all her little ones brought into accord with the Will of God. This continuing in-depth series on the grace-filled mystical phenomena of Our Lady's appearances through the ages and the meaning of her messages will open eyes and hearts because she is the mother of us all and her words of wisdom and warnings must be taken seriously...very seriously!
Man does not live by the Bible alone!
installment forty seven

     Had God intended Holy Scripture to be our sole rule of faith, Jesus would never have instituted the Sacraments and His Church (cf. Matthew 16-18). God did not intend Sacred Scripture to be our rule of faith independent of a LIving Voice. Even under the Old Law, the Jews, in spite of their great veneration for Holy Scripture, never dreamed of a private appeal to the Word of God. When a religious dispute arose, it was decided by the high-priest and the council. Their decision was to be obeyed under penalty of death. Thus the Jews did not appeal to the letter of the law, but to the "living voice" of the tribunal that God had established. When Christ came on earth, He did not change this order of things. On the contrary, He commanded the Jews to obey their constituted teachers, however disedifying their private lives might have been.

     Until the Protestant eruption in 1517, no attempt had ever been made to govern people solely by the letter of the law in either civil or religious affairs. Today the same holds true. Governments have laws that we must obey. Anarchy would reign if it were left to individual discernment of the laws.

     But this is what satan is advancing: "Do your own thing!" This is very twentieth century and plays well to our societal conscience. "Cast doubt, question everything, trust no one. You can do or be anything...even God!" This is the battle cry of liberals, modernists, feminists, et alii who wail "It's not fair!" "Equal Opportunity!" "Who are they to tell me how to live my life?" "Who are they to not recognize all-inclusive language when we have a right to have what we want?"

    &bnsp;Listen and learn for the "they" is the Church, established by Jesus Christ. Only through the Catholic Church can we know the true meaning of Divine Revelation which has been authorized by Christ to explain His doctrines, and which is preserved from error in its teaching by the special assistance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Father has zeroed in on this numerous times when he says, "So many problems arise when people think of the Church as 'theirs,' when in fact she belongs to Christ!"

NEXT WEEK: The Relevance of Private Revelation

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November 19, 1997     volume 8, no. 34
The Age of Marian Apparitions

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