DAILY CATHOLIC for November 14-16

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vol, 8
no. 31

Double-dealing doublespeak doubles the troubles of a double cross.
           It was Teddy Roosevelt who coined the phrase "Speak softly and carry a big stick." A century later one of his successors has taken the prestige of the highest office in the land and TRís slogan and done a 180 degree turn. Now the phrase could be, "Stick it to Ďem big and soften the speak." Did you ever get the feeling that weíre being bamboozled? The headlines lately truly indicate just thatÖbeginning with our own president who speaks with fork tongue in the shadow of the one who carries the pitch fork. How else can you explain Bill Clintonís insistence on pushing through his "fast-track" initiative which includes abortion funding? In fear of a pro-life congress turning his agenda away, he is even willing to make a pact with the devil to get it passed at the eleventh hour. Reports from Catholic World News Service yesterday indicated that while his pro-abort wife is stomping the regions of Russia promoting the culture of death, her husband is clandestinely meeting in back rooms to swing a "shady" deal with pro-abort senators to head off the pro-life steam engine that is threatening to derail his initiative. To prevent this Clinton is depending on double-dealing doublespeak to double the troubles of the pro-lifers, amounting to a double cross. The president is using hard-ball tactics, threatening to veto any restrictions pro-lifers would send in legislation to the White House. Call it bullying, call it deceit, call it amoral. Call it whatever you want, itís wrong in the eyes of the citizens of this country, but most of all in the eyes of God. In fact, almost everything this chief executive has done while in office is wrong in the eyes of the Almighty. His immoral trysts have become legendary; his criminal business dealings are currently under the microscope as Republicans work tirelessly to expose this charlatan for what he is. His courting of the gay and lesbian vote flies in the face of American virtues and values. And his linking homosexuals with the plight of minority races is a total faux pais. Cal Thomas, the respected conservative columnist for the Los Angeles Times wrote just the other day, "Bill Clinton didnít create the world. God did. And God designed norms for behavior that are in our best interests. When we act outside these norms - such as for premarital sex, adultery or homosexual sex - we cause physical, emotional and spiritual damage to ourselves and to our wider culture. The unpleasant consequences of divorce and sexually transmitted diseases are not the result of intolerant bigots seeking to denigrate others. They are the result of violating Godís standards, which were made for our benefit."

         Right on! Clinton has a track record of improprieties that stretch longer than satanís cape. Yet Americans blithely look the other way and say, "oh, well." The noted statesman Adlai Stevenson lost the election to Dwight Eisenhower back in the 50ís for one reason. He was divorced. Presidential candidate Gary Hart was drummed from the race because of a one-night affair with a love-starved, media-starved woman. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was grilled to no-end for something he "said" that amounted to sexual harassment. So why has Slick Willy been able to dodge the same fate? Blame it on society. Blame it on hardened hearts that have turned from God, and throne themselves on the pseudo altar of culture of death. There is a saying that "misery loves company" and that accounts for the contrived campaign by radicals and the false prophets of the media to legitimize everything that, only three or four decades ago, almost every citizen of the country found reprehensible. Americans have become so jaded to the moral venue we were weaned on that to be reminded stirs up a coven of hate for all that is good. Look at the attacks on the religious right. Look at the undermining going on against the Church. The feeding frenzy of the media to besmirch Holy Mother Church rises its ugly head whenever any inkling of pedophilia emerges. Yet when a Baptist minister or a new age quacksalver is accused of the same thing it receives scant attention. Hollywood relishes depicting priests as morbid, perverted and psychological basket-casesÖabsolving it all away by claiming to present them as human. Sorry, but even humans donít act that way. Their whole agenda is to undermine the authority and stature of Christís True Church. In movies such as the infamous and obscene "Priests" and television programs such as the low-rated "Nothing Sacred" the blame is always traced to the "system" within the Church. This is the rallying cry of dissidents within the Church as well - the liberal theologians, the feminists, the gays, even bishops, priests and nuns including 43 modernist pastors in Chicago who bluntly stated to Archbishop Francis George a few days ago, "We will resist being treated as branch managers for some huge international corporation who simply take orders from headquarters, be that at the Vatican or at the Pastoral Center."

         Should we be surprised? Not really, the Mother of God foretold these events almost a century and a half ago at La Salette. And she continues to echo the same warning today to visionaries and messengers all over the world. Many within the Church and even within the Marian movement choose to deny it or denigrate her messages, falling back on the age-old excuse that the Church teaches that we do not have to believe in private revelation. True, but they forget that passage in Divine Revelation where Saint Paul states in 1 Thessalonians 5: 19-22, "Do not extinguish the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. But test all things; hold fast that which is good. Keep yourselves from every kind of evil."

         Are we adhering to the apostleís advice? Me thinks not. At every opportunity pastors and so-called "experts" are extinguishing the Spirit, despising any kind of prophecy and denigrating the prophets. Testing consists of their opinion without any proof that these messages are contradictory to anything already revealed in Divine Revelation. Very little good is retained and because of that such "private revelation" devotions as the Rosary, the Fatima prayer, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and other pertinent reverences that have long been held in high esteem, have been put on the back shelf by many pastors and even bishops. All of these spiritual "weapons" which God gives us through His Blessed Mother and other appointed Heavenly heralds He chooses to send, are being discarded and our flanks have been weakened because of it. Even the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been watered down so much at the parish level in favor of new experimentation that it has lost its central focus. When these things happen, then how can we keep ourselves from every kind of evil? Without the graces inherent through these devotions and prayers, it is impossible. That is why the Church is tormented today, and the troubles within each diocese and parish mirror society.

         The evils permeating common humanity today are a bi-product of not following the Will of God, of not obeying His Commandments, of choosing to turn our backs on His gifts and graces. More and more the headlines shout of possible war again with Saddam Hussein in the Gulf and rumors of an imminent, violent, hateful war rise ever more steadily from the Holy Land. A new threat is mustering its hordes on the horizon: China. Should we be worried? Not if we trust in Godís Divine Mercy and obey His laws; have faith, hope and love for Him and our fellow man. But, sadly, that is not the case. Cal Thomas sums it up best regarding our state-of-moral turpitude today and the problems with an engineer who has no idea how to steer the runaway train heading for the abyss, "When we change the original standard, there can be no standard left, except popular opinion. And that has historically led to destruction of people and of nations." That is happening not only to our country but to our Church for the latter is not a congregation of majority-rules or a democracy, but rather a sacramental institution established by the Son of God Himself Who has promised that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16: 18) We believe that with our whole heart, despite the fact that our society is numb to the scorching flames of hades. Trouble is, all the double-speak and double-dealing Clinton has foisted on the public could soon double up America in contortions of anguish and regret as the flames sear closer.

Michael Cain, editor

November 14-16, 1997       volume 8, no. 31
Catholic Pewpoint Editorial

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