DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, March 23, 1998   volume 9, no. 58

to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Film and Broadcasting Site


The Catholic's Siskel and Ebert: the NCCB Film & Broadcasting Reviews


     In commemoration of the Academy Awards tonight, and mostly because only hermits are immune from the movie scene in America today, we bring you the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Film and Broadcasting Page which is simple but helpful in reviewing both first-run movies and those recent ones released on Video Tape at your local Blockbuster. These reviews are much more lenient than the since-abandoned stricter Catholic League of Decency which rated movies either A, B, C or F which was X-rated and objectionable to all. Of course the rating system has changed over the years and the next best thing we have are the categories and reviews compiled by NCCB. They are succinct in giving you the basic plot and highlighting whatever is objectionable so this is very helpful when planning on spending hard-earned dollars to take the family or a friend to the local theater or rent a movie for the evening. The site loads super fast and you just scroll down the alphabetical list for the review of the movie of your choice. There is a comprehensive list of first run movies and a separate list of video releases. In addition, they keep you up-to-date with a weekly review of the latest films so you can stay on top of what to see and what to skip. It is helpful for all parents and kids should take a look-see as well...if they know what's good for them...because the NCCB has determined what is good, and what is bad, including the really bad and why!

     Therefore, because of the timeliness and uniqueness of this site and the need for it, we award the "Golden Chalice Award" and confer FOUR Hail Mary's to this site, and, in keeping with the traditions of the Oscars, bring you the reviews below of the top five movies up for best picture. With these reviews you can decide which one is really the best, though everyone of them the board found something objectionable, so beware.

     One will notice that when the reviews begin with the words "Because of..." it means there is something objectionable that prevents a total endorsement of the film and the Bishops' film review board will point out the objections. When you read all the reviews you will probably come to the conclusion that very few are worth seeing. But if you disagree, at least read the review before you go. The subliminal influence of Hollywood can be dangerous.