DAILY CATHOLIC - THURSDAY, March 19, 1998    volume 9, no. 56


Installment Sixty-Two

Wake-up Call to all Catholics the thirty-first clarion

installment sixty-two

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church - part twenty-two: Living the Vision - discerning when!
"And it shall come to pass in the last days, says the Lord, that I will pour forth My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams. And moreover upon My servants and upon My handmaids in those days will I pour forth of My Spirit and they shall prophesy."

Isaiah 44: 3, Acts 2: 17
      In the last installment two weeks ago, we determined through deduction and events, that the prophecy of the dream imparted to Saint John Bosco in 1862 has to refer to our current times, not the end of the nineteenth century, but rather the twentieth - the end of the millennium. We also deducted that the messages to Father Don Stefani Gobbi have credibility, thus deducting that what the Blessed Mother said regarding the next ten years in September 1988 and that her Immaculate Heart would triumph before the millennium has to be taken seriously, very seriously, especially in light of most everything God has foretold in Sacred Scripture and through His special emissary - His Mother - has come to pass. The messages to John Bosco also correspond with the messages of Garabandal, Akita, Betania, Medjugorje and countless other sites, not to mention countless messengers who have received this same theme on every inhabited continent of the earth. If we can agree that these facts are true, then the syllogism equates to the next year and a half as the fulfillment of these prophecies.

     Though most are prophecies given in private revelation, much as been revealed in public revelation as well. What's more important, most of the private revelation strongly supports public revelation - that Divinely revealed in Sacred Scripture and the Dogmas, Doctrines and Teachings of Holy Mother Church. That is a key point to all this for these messengers, chosen by God Almighty, are not soothsayers, not fortune tellers, not quick-buck scam artists out to captilize on the doom and gloom phenomenon of these times, not scatological scaliwags, but rather chosen vehicles to convey the Triune Divinity's Will in God's Master Plan for His children. What person in their right mind would want to be a prophet, subject themselves to ridicule and public scrutiny and be called a "whacko" because they "hear" messages? Not many are that kind of glutton for punishment. No, we strongly feel they accepted their gift of prophecy, their mission, in total compliance with God's Holy Will and call upon Him every second of the day to steer them in the right direction. Some of the "accusers" in the Church, not the Church itself, but members of the Church, have professed that a great majority of these messengers are false. Now there are a few who have been censored by the Magisterium because something in one or more messages contains contradictions to public revelation, but, believe it or not, those are far and between the majority. What then do these "accusers" base their claims on that the majority of visionaries and locutionists are false? The answer is their opinion, plain and simple, for none can find anything concrete that contradicts Sacred Scripture or matters of faith and morals! The fact of the matter is the majority support and enrich Divine Revelation, adding further insight and discernment to what was intended. How can we state this emphatically? Because if the "accusers" were right that the majority of these modern prophets were wrong, do you think the Church would allow it to continue. Not on your life. Take a look at Church history and when anything cropped up, any kind of heresy or concept contrary to Church Doctrine and Sacred Scripture, the Church was quick to put a halt on it with some sort of formal announcement or document by either the Pope himself or a local bishop. This has happened very rarely in these last several decades. Why? We believe because the prophets of today are truly hearing from God as we asserted above, and secondly, it is a fulfillment of Isaiah 44: 3, and Acts 2: 17 foretold by the prophet Joel, "And it shall come to pass in the last days, says the Lord, that I will pour forth My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams. And moreover upon My servants and upon My handmaids in those days will I pour forth of My Spirit and they shall prophesy."

     With that understanding, we can better relate to the meaning of John Bosco's vision, and the messages imparted to him as well as other messages to other "prophets" pertaining to the same events. In his book Tragedy and Triumph, the author Father Georges de Jesus gives us an inkling of what the vision and messages purport. One prophecy to John Bosco says, "Iniquity is consummated: sin has come to an end and, before the two full moons of the month of the flowers have passed, the rainbow of peace will appear over the earth." Fr. Georges calculates that the next "two full moons of the month of flowers" will occur in 1999 and that month is March. That is the only period of "two full moons" until the millennium. So then how does the "month of flowers" compute? Many would think this is either April or May, but in truth March is the month of flowers for the apex of this month is the solemnity of none other than Saint Joseph whose feast we celebrate today! The silent saint is most always depicted holding the beautiful lilies - flowers symbolizing purity, cleansing. What more perfect occasion than his feast day for the world to be cleansed and "the rainbow of peace to appear over the earth."? If this sounds far-fetched, consider the prophecy given to the visionaries of Garabandal who we have been covering during Lent in our megaseries THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS. We have been told about the Warning - the illumination of our soul when everyone will see themselves exactly as God does. Many had thought it would have happened by now, and because it hasn't, they have dismissed it as fantasy. Don't be deceived, it will come and soon. When? We can't purport to predict because that is not important as to the exact date, only to know that it is imminent. Along with the messages to the Garabandal visionaries about this Warning which will be a true expression of God's Infinite Mercy (for He is giving all a "second chance," a dress rehearsal, if you will, for the Final Judgment) there is the gift of anohter phenomenon promised by Our Lady. That promise is the Miracle which will be seen by all - beginning at the Pines above the village of Garabandal and then spreading to the entire world. What it will be exactly only a few know such as Padre Pio and a Jesuit priest close to the visionaries by the name of Father Luis Andrea who exclaimed "Milagro! Milagro!" upon seeing this vision of the Miracle. Both have since passed on to their Heavenly reward, but we do know it will be miraculous and be seen throughout the world. Could it be "the rainbow of peace?" That, too, is not so far-fetched when one considers Garabandal visionary Conchita Gonzales Keena's assurance from Our Lady that it will occur in either March, April, or May and between the thirteenth and sixteenth, though some reports indicate up to the twentieth of the month. It will be on the feast of a "little-known martyr of the Eucharist" and on a Thursday. There is much conjecture on which saint this might be. Some refer to Saint Justin the Martyr whose feast in the old calendar is on March 16th. That would fit in with the time frame Conchita has expressed. Others point to Saint Hermenegild, another martyr whose feast is on April 13th or Saint Tibertius the next day who was the brother of Saint Cecilia's husband Valerian, or in May Saint Boniface on the 14th. All were martyrs, but were they "martyrs of the Eucharist?" We don't really know. Here's another consideration that has some credence. While St. Joseph is well-known, few realize he is a Eucharistic saint, having nurtured the Living Eucharist for around twenty years. So little is known of Joseph that everything else is pure conjecture, but as more and more is revealed through private revelation it just might be possible that Joseph be considered a Eucharistic martyr because, though he died a happy death, he gave every breath of his life for his foster Son - the Living Eucharist - and his cherished spouse - the Tabernacle of the Living Eucharist - the Blessed Virgin Mary.

     While the above tie-in with Saint Joseph is purely conjecture on our part and falls on Friday next year, not Thursday as it does this year, it does give one food for thought. Consider what saint is more associated with peace and serenity than St. Joseph? Wouldn't it seem to fit God's Master Plan that this promised Era of Peace begin with His beloved and loyal Joseph, so faithful to God's Holy Will? It is possible and plausible as well. One further take on John Bosco's words about "before the two full moons of the month of flowers have passed" means the second moon is likely to occur on or around the 19th of the month - St. Joseph's feast day. With that in mind, could we then be looking at one year from today? If that is the case, we all have much work to accomplish before then; to quote the poet Robert Frost, "...miles to go before I sleep." That's appropriate for few will be able to sleep if everything prophecied before the New Advent - the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which will usher in the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - occurs.

     In the next installment we will treat this "crunch time" and some of the quotes from St. John Bosco reinforcing this.

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