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vol, 9
no. 3

A spirited site for the Year of the Holy Spirit

Jubilee 2000 website       It is only fitting that as we begin the "Year of the Holy Spirit" - the second leg of the three year preparation leading up to the millennium which the Holy Father has designated Jubilee 2000 - by reviewing a site dedicated specifically to this celebration. That site is appropriately called "Jubilee 2000" at http://www.xibalba.com/xibalba/solt/jubilee/ and conducted by Father Richard W. Gant, S.T.D. (Angelicum), J.U.L. (Lateran). Father Richard also heads the Joan of Arc Television and Radio network, a Spanish broadcasting wave reaching the missions in Belize, Central America where the poverty is legendary and faith needed. He also represents and explains the relatively new order of priests from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, founded by Father Jim Flanagan on Lake Corpus Christi, Texas. But the main thrust of this website is towards Jubilee 2000. At this site you can find out just about everything you want to know about this three year program from Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter announcing and detailing Jubilee 2000 - Tertio Millennio Adveniente ("As the Third Millennium Draws Near") - to diocesan and parish level events, devotions, etc.

      The site is simple to navigate and smartly designed. The graphics are few but the look, typography and accouterments say graphically balanced to a tee. Father Richard offers a discussion group as well as past articles from various sources on the Jubilee plus links to other resources on Jubilee 2000 - such as some we have previously awarded the "Golden Chalice Award" to: the Vatican Web Site, EWTN, and ChristusRex. In addition there are other sources on preparing for the millenium from Synods to pastoral tools and tips for the laity. This "Jubilee 2000" web site is a smart site with the basics for both research and edification. The one setback, it does take longer than normal for some pages to download but as cable and ISDN lines come into vogue, that shouldn't be a problem. Therefore we hereby present the "Golden Chalice Award" to Father Richard Gant and his Jubilee 2000 site, giving it THREE Hail Mary's.


January 5, 1998 volume 9, no. 3
Significant Site of the Week Award

January 1998