DAILY CATHOLIC for February 9

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vol, 9
no. 28

Phantom of the False Peace!
         In honor of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on Wednesday, we begin today and continue the next couple of days a unique focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role as patroness and protectress of the United States of America. We highlight this in today's Significant Site of the Week. Our Lady has been warning us since Guadalupe, then Rue de Bac, Lourdes, Fatima, Akita, Medjugorje, Betania and beyond of what is to come. The signs are all there. Do we see them?

         Over the weekend three naval ships left for deportment to the gulf region from San Diego. Wives wept as they saw their husbands off. Neither spouse knew what lay ahead for the military doesn't know what to expect. So many Americans are suffering from "overconfidence" in the wake of the easy manner they dispatched the Iraqui threat in 1991. But did they really? Consider that Saddam Hussein is still very much in charge and has had seven years to build more weapons, including chemical and nuclear warfare. Seven years ago at about this very time Father Ken Roberts told us that we had to defeat Hussein, not because of the "oil rights" but that if we gave him five more years, he could build bombs that would be devastating. Well folks, ol' "Sad-dem" as then President George Bush called him, has not had five but seven years to clandestinely wrought his destruction. During that "seven year itch" Bush's successor has managed to bring America to the edge of the abyss. We're speaking, of course, about Bill Clinton who has become the symbol of what's wrong with America. Clinton and his Democratic cronies have managed to deplete the military to the alarming status it was during the Jimmy Carter era. The military strength has been softened, rusting from inactivity and change of command in which the current leaders don't seem to embody the caliber of military leadership and supremacy that such stalwart men as General Norman Schwartskoff and General Colin Powell exhibited. In addition, it is a whole new generation of soldiers with untested weapons and greenhorn troops still wet behind the ears with only horror stories about the conditions the last time U.S troops invaded this area. Oh, there will be some things that don't change: CNN will be there again on both sides of the line, conducting the war, if you will, for it truly has become a "Wag the Dog" scenario. In that movie, released recently, the administration fabricates a war to take America's attention off a possible sexual scandal that could erupt in the White House. Sound familiar? The only difference is that this war is not being fabricated, but rather forced on us. It isn't something that the media will be able to cut, edit, write and rewrite and wrap it all up in time for prime time with enough lulls in between to accommodate the millions of dollars in commercials. No, this war will be very real, very different than the one at the beginning of this decade. Fr. Roberts has already indicated what could happen if Hussein was allowed to remain in charge. In an historical snafu akin to General MacArthur and President Truman in Korea, Bush chose not to pursue further the capture of Hussein in late Spring 1991 when the U.S. had the Iraqui's reeling. Claiming a hollow victory because they had driven the Iraq forces out of Kuwait, American troops reluctantly fell back. Because of that blunder, we have the situation today.

         But the situation is not the same as Our Lady has warned, specifically in the message to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart on December 29, 1991 when America was riding a wave of superiority and Bush's popularity was at an all-time high, to be aware of what lay ahead - the false peace of satan and the facade nations were placing before our eyes, hearts and souls...especially our own country of America. Our Lady said, "I tell this to you so that you may, through prayer, more readily understand my words. Your country, of which I am patroness, recognizes certain "new" nations but disregards others. It is a deception, a 'game', the rule by which nations play, seeking only power and glory. I solemnly tell you that communism is not yet dead. It has merely put on a mask, and satan clouds your eyes, your mind until you perceive this hideous monster as extinct. No, my dear children. Much, much prayer is required still before this reign which denies God shall forever be banished from the earth. Pray! Pray for all nations, especially your own, that its government, its people may belong to God above all else. If you do not pray as I have asked you will see the rapid decline of your nation, because the offenses against God are severe and cry out for justice."

          Now a little more than six years later we can see the truth of her words and see how our once proud and righteous nation has sunk into rapid decline. Bill Clinton has led this charge toward the abyss as Our Lady prophesied. He has not only allowed for the precursor of the antichrist to reign, but given it the adoration that will be America's downfall and the people, like blind sheep, have bought it hook, line and sinker! That last word has a drowning, deafening finality to it and the only way we can stay afloat is to return to the values established by God the Father in the Ten Commandments and fully defined by Jesus Christ through Sacred Scriptures and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Tomorrow we will speak of the false idol that the antichrist has foisted on the people, seducing America and the world with - for the antichrist is very much among us, though in disguise, he is here and his methods have been too effective to suit us and the rest of the faithful remnant. Yes, the signs are there. Beware of the 'false peace' that will soon take off its mask. Like the "Phantom of the Opera" when it reveals its true face, we shall shriek in horror at its sight. Hideous is its countenance for it is the horrendous phantom of the false peace!

Michael Cain, editor

February 9, 1998       volume 9, no. 28
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