DAILY CATHOLIC for December 24
Pewpoint Too

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vol, 8
no. 59

Peace is more than a word, it is a way of life when you have "faith-vision"
          ĎTis Christmas Eve leading to that glorious morn! Christ is born to us this night. No, not just the historical birth 2,000 years ago. Spiritually, mystically, really - Christ is born to us this eve.

          Christ is not a fairy tale, a Being so far removed from us that we can only hope to grasp Him, realize Him, possess and be possessed by Him. In truth, we are called each and every day to "see" Him. No, not with our human eyes, for our human eyes are veiled because of Original Sin. However, we are granted by Godís Mercy the grace of "faith-vision". Itís a term that, more simply put, means "seeing" with the eyes of our souls and hearts.

          O! Do not doubt this is possible. It is the "norm", not the exception. It requires faith, hope, trust and love. It also requires us to be still and silent within, to pray from our hearts and to ask for the grace to "see".

          Pray, ask, and then, with all the openness of your heart behold! The angels shall be there, announcing the Birth of the Savior. They are there. They are always there in all their Heavenly splendor. The Virgin Mother is there, as is Saint Joseph. Jesus is there, in all His glory. The choirs of angels sing...can you hear? Oh, listen with your heart, not your ears!

          Go, as the Shepherds went. See Him, the Babe, born in poverty, yet possessing the entire universe. Kneel before Him with all reverence. No gift you have? Nonsense. He seeks your heart! Give Him your heart, and from there the rest follows. Tell Him "thank you," for the Love Sublime in His Birth. Thank God for the "gift" of His Most Holy Mother and for the example, faith and love shown to us through our Beloved St. Joseph.

          Let the Glory of Heaven be in your heart and in your soul. It shall shine through your eyes, and radiate to all the world. Put behind you the materialistic aspect of Christmas. It is done! Christ is born! Let Him possess you - and then you shall "see" the splendor of God given to mankind today and everyday. The angels sang, "Peace on earth to men of goodwill." Peace is what He gives us! Today and everyday!

Cyndi Cain

December 24, 1997       volume 8, no. 59
Catholic Pewpoint Too Editorial

December 1997