A Call To Peace DAILY CATHOLIC for December 1
Significant Site
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vol, 8
no. 42

Simplicity and Clarity on-line - in line with ideals of St. Francis and St. Anthony

 American Catholic Online website      We first came across our nominee for the SIGNIFICANT SITE OF THE WEEK- American Catholic Online at www.americancatholic.org two months ago when they offered us a very fitting tribute to Mother Teresa which we were able to offer to our subscribers. They've also offered specials on Saint Francis and are currently offering a personal perspective of the proceedings at the American Synod in Rome by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk from Cincinnati where the site is headquartered. He has been able to give us a bird's eye view of the Synod without editorializing too much. You can find the reference to his comments through St. Anthony Messenger elsewhere on this front page.

      American Catholic Online is run by the Franciscans with their keynote publication St. Anthony Messenger being the main publication they promote. They offer excerpts from past issues on-line but the magazine itself is only available in print...and has been since 1893, making it one of the oldest Catholic publications in America. The editor is Father Norman Perry, O.F.M. and his staff at St. Anthony's and American Catholic Online offer excellent, colorful graphics on a clean, simple white background with oodles of white space that make it quite appealing to the eye. This Franciscan site has such features as a direct link to Assisi that proves invaluable in researching information on the recent earthquake in Umbria. Though the site employs frames, the non-frame effect makes it even cleaner looking. You realize this effect when you go to the links pages and though you are linking to another site you are still at the ACO site which narrows the screen and makes it more difficult navigating around other sites. They also offer capability for audio and video, but, like most sites, it takes a while to download the a/v from Realaudio. Almost 100% of the material on the site is from past magazine articles or books they sell on-line such as "Saint of the Day" and "Minute Meditations." The main reason for the site is to promote these periodicals along with their main flagship Franciscan publication - "St. Anthony Messenger." The site is used as a teaser for these, but it is done in such a subtle and easy manner that it reads quickly and easily...especially with the large Garabond type face and narrow columns. Again, white space is what makes this site unique. Therefore we hereby present the "Golden Chalice Award" to the Franciscans' American Catholic Online site, giving it FOUR Hail Mary's.


December 1, 1997 volume 8, no. 42
Significant Site of the Week Award

December 1997