Daily CATHOLIC - January 27, 1998    volume 9, no. 19



     Many in history look at Pope Celestine III as one of the oldest pontiffs to ever be elected. His lack of military acumen hampered him greatly in his problems with King Henry IV but he made up for this lack by outlasting the German/Sicilian emperor, allowing patience and moderation to dictate the course history would take. His tactics proved successful as those who stood in his way died before him, allowing him to end his papacy in peace, reinforce and realign the papal coffers and accounting system, and approve the Order of the Teutonic Knights whose principal duty was to defend the pilgrims in the Holy Land. He began the recruiting for the fourth crusade which would be fulfilled by his successor. Celestine served seven years on the papal throne, dying at 94 years young, one of the oldest pontiffs ever to assume the chair of Peter.

Pope Celestine III Outlasts them all as God grants him a long life.

Installment Fifty-four

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January 1998