by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto


     Your forgotten Grandmother is also MY forgotten Grandmother! Confused? Not for long! Iím talking about someone we all know is in Heaven; someone who has alot of "pull" with Our Blessed Mother and Jesus; someone who is respected but not often enough thought about, prayed to, honored or noted.

      Iím talking about the mother of Our Lady, the Grandmother of Jesus and OUR Grandmother, St. Anne. I now have a devotion to St. Anne which I did not have a week ago. I want to encourage you to give her a special place in your life, as well. This is how it has come about for me.

      This last week, here in Omaha, we had four visitors from Canada. They were: Colette Coulombe, her husband, Vincent, Patricia Simoneau and her husband, Ray. They all drove to Omaha from Canada in two separate cars. Their visit here in four local Catholic churches has left a lasting mark on many in our area. Patricia and Ray acted as interpreters, for Colette speaks only French.

      Reportedly (and there is not sufficient time to tell the whole story), Colette has had locutions and visions of St. Anne, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. Actually, this all began when Colette was 13 years old. She is now 67 years of age.

      If we take the words of Jesus seriously that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and that a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, we would, after careful observation, conclude that heaven has been using Colette, for sure.

      We must believe that it is only God Who works miracles, but He often does so through the intercession of His saints. Many physical and spiritual healings (as many as 850) have occurred with people when Colette prays for them, imploring the intercession of St. Anne and blessing them with oil. These conversions and healings have been witnessed to by all concerned.

      Colette told us that St. Anne was 58 years old when she conceived and gave birth to Our Blessed Mother. She said that Our Lady resembled her father, Joachim and therefore, Jesus resembled Joachim, as well.

      But more than the seeming non-importance of these ideas, Colette stressed that our world is in such a bad way today, that we can use two MOTHERS, Mary, Our Blessed Mother and St. Anne, our Grandmother. She said that Jesus loves His Grandmother so much that He grants her every wish. Colette said that St. Anne wants to help her daughter, Mary, save souls. St. Anne wants to be very active in todayís world. We can be sure that St. Anne is very powerful in interceding for us. St. Anne wants to help us, wants us to call on her for help whether our needs are for physical or spiritual healings for ourselves or others.

      I am witness to the power of St. Anne this past week. The length of this article does not permit me to share all. But from now on, I shall call on my Grandmama every day.

      I would encourage you to do the same. God bless you!