DAILY CATHOLIC   Divine Mercy Weekend, April 24-26, 1998   volume 9, no. 80



St. Catherine Review: Loyal to their namesake as a great Defender of the Faith

     With the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena coming up next week, we thought we would bring you a sight dedicated to this devoted saint who as the site quotes "Unlike Martin Luther and other so-called "reformers", St. Catherine did not sit in judgment of the Church, rather she remained a faithful servant of the Lord, possessed by the virtue of humility, respectful to the one true Church established by Jesus Christ at His resurrection." The site we review today is the St. Catherine Review, an extension of the exceptional print publication which is issued six times a year under the same name published by Aquinas Publications out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The site can be found at www.aquinas-multimedia.com/catherine/ on the web.

     Much of what we have been covering in our daily editorials as well as our own on-going mega series on the Church today WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM? regarding loyalty to the Church and Magisterium and exposing the factions that seek to undermine Holy Mother Church are detailed at this site with specific examples and actual cases. The writers of this site are totally loyal to the Magisterium and are not afraid to expose the enemies of the Church, outside and within. They feature excellent articles of short length on numerous subjects, that are both intelligent, revealing and easy to read. They present articles on Communion in the Hand and how it evolved into being accepted with no formal document ever being produced, or taking on controversial documents like "Always our Children" on the gay issue and "Common Ground." Like their namesake who fought to reform her order through obedience and strict adherence to the Holy Rules they vowed to obey, St. Catherine's Review drives a steady course of traditional, orthodox Catholicism that is in alignment with the Holy Father. Plus, it is guaranteed to cause one to think and pray when one discovers what is happening to our Church by these manipulators - "fifth columnists" of our precious faith. There are over 20 excellent features on-line, taken from the print issues, that will broaden your appreciation for our faith and alert us to the dangers out there. They are not afraid to tackle controversial issues and take on topics such as the gay agenda, sex education, liberalism, etc. as well as confronting bishops who are not conforming with the Holy See. On many pages are some beautiful classic paintings that load quite quickly. It is a very easy read and you will come away with a new respect for all St. Catherine did and what the folks at St. Catherine's Review are presently doing. Because of the excellent editorial content, not found on most other sites, we award St. Catherine's Review Site the "GOLDEN CHALICE AWARD" and confer SEVEN Hail Mary's to this staunch defender of the faith in America, not just specifically in the greater Cincinnati area where they are headquartered, but all of America as well.