No greater Gift could anyone receive!

     Here we are at that wonderful, meaningful time of the Easter Triduum where we annually relive the Triumph - both at the altar, at the cross, and at the empty tomb. Since three is the "in" number right now you'll notice we have redesigned the format for this special Paschal Triduum issue. Because of the contents and focus on the liturgy, we will suspend the News & Views section until after Easter. Also, because of the same reasons, we will bring you the next installment of WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?, our on-going mega series on the state of the Church today, next Thursday. In addition, we have decided to keep the triduum theme by combining the next three issues which will go on-line Holy Saturday evening after the Easter Vigil featuring Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday. Most of the features of Monday and Tuesday will be included except the SIGNIFICANT SITE OF THE WEEK which we will bring you on Fridays from now on. Wednesdays will be the day for Father John Hampsch's regular column instead of Tuesday. Therefore, the revised schedule which will debut officially with the April 20th issue, with the Liturgy of the Day, Prayers & Devotions, Proverb of the Day, Medjugorje Monthly Message, All Roads Lead to Rome, and Worldwide News & Views being a regular feature each day. Specifically on Mondays we will feature The Vicar of Christ Speaks and Hearts-to-Heart Talk with Father Stephen Valenta. Tuesdays will feature our on-going mega series on The History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church, The Hidden Way, and the Tuesday CATHOLIC PewPOINT. Wednesdays we will bring you Father John Hampsch's column Keys to Living God's Will, our on-going mega series The Age of Marian Apparitions, as well as resuming the Midweek Humor Page, and, of course, the Wednesday CATHOLIC PewPOINT. Thursdays you'll find our third on-going mega feature Where is Holy Mother Church Heading as we near the Millennium? in addition to "I Solemnly Tell you..." and the Thursday CATHOLIC PewPOINT. And for the normal Friday weekend issue we present Sister Mary Lucy Astuto's weekly column Getting to the Heart of the Matter, our weekly Significant Site of the Week review, and the Friday CATHOLIC PewPOINT. This gives more balance to the schedule, and, following up on our editorial this past Monday, allows us to rest and have valuable family time on His day - Sunday. That is another reason we are combining, for this weekend only, the Easter Sunday issue with Easter Monday and Tuesday so we can have a relaxing Easter and a one-day "Spring Break" on Monday to either head for the beach, drive to the mountains to frolic in the snow, or take the whole clan to a ballgame. As mentioned above, we will resume our regular schedule issues next Wednesday April 15 - Tax Day! Also, in honor of the joyous, bright Easter season, we're going to change the background during this time. We are going to experiment on changing the star-filled black background on the regular pages to something lighter during the time between Easter and Pentecost. Please let us know what you like and what loads quickly for you.

      We're also announcing a very, very special promotion from Easter Wednesday to Pentecost so please tell your friends. Anyone who signs up for an ANNUAL PASSPORT will receive FREE the full trilogy set of the Meditative Lessons of the Rosary: COME, LET US ADORE HIM - on the Joyful Mysteries, IT IS CONSUMMATED! - on the Sorrowful Mysteries, and MY LORD AND MY GOD - on the Glorious Mysteries. Each book is over 100 pages with inspirational Meditative Lessons encompassing the Mysteries and more. They retail for $9 each and the full set goes for $25. That's over 300 pages worth of edifying and contemplative reading that you'll want to share with friends. And we want to share it with our friends - our subscribers. Thus, to show our gratitude for the phenomenal growth of the Daily CATHOLIC over the last several months and to enhance subscriptions, we are offering the FULL TRILOGY SET FREE with an ANNUAL PASSPORT. That's a phenomenal offer and people may think we're crazy, but it's our way of saying thank you and giving back something to those who support this apostolate. For current subscribers who have already paid and would like to receive this very special offer, we'll be happy to send you the trilogy of books if you e-mail us by Easter Wednesday - April 15, 1998 with your full address and password. You will not need to add the $3. That's our way of saying thank you! For new subscribers in the United States and U.S. Territories add $3.00 for shipping and handling and you'll receive the books by Priority Mail. If one deducts the $25 from $36 it would mean one can receive an ANNUAL PASSPORT for only $11. a year!!! That's well-under a nickel an issue, especially when you factor in the back issues and prorate your annual subscription it comes to 400 issues for $11. That's two and three quarters cents an issue. It's been decades since anyone has offered anything like that. In fact, we'd venture to say no one has ever offered a daily publication for that low a price! Unfortunately it's a little higher for Canada, all foreign countries, and overseas, because the costs of sending Global Priority is much higher so add $10 to the offer. We'd like to make it less, but U.S. Postal regulations dictate that the costs range from $7.50 to $12. for overseas. However, once they have a chance to read these inspiring books, our oversees subscribers will realize it is well-worth the additional ten dollars. The sign-up forms will reflect these offers and mailing prices beginning Easter Wednesday. This is a tremendous offer that few can pass up. We thank you all for helping the Daily CATHOLIC grow so quickly and ask for your help in passing the word, letting others know of this very, very special offer.

     Many consider Christmas the time of gift-giving, but we are making this gift offer because we truly believe this time of year at Easter is the greatest Gift-giving of all. Afterall, Jesus gave us Himself in the Holy Eucharist - a Gift that keeps on giving in graces day after day after day; He gave us the opportunity to be with Him forever in Heaven by being the Lamb immolated on the Cross; and He gave us everlasting hope for Eternal Life by rising to destroy death. In this special time of trilogies, no greater Gift could anyone receive!

Michael Cain, editor

Daily CATHOLIC          April 9-11, 1998