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          The Feature Article, begun in the inaugural issue two years ago, deals with the state of the Church. We continue probing the question that has perplexed the Magisterium and the laity for the past 30 years as the liberal element has left its mark, effecting changes that have seemingly watered down the "Roman Catholic" traditions. Yet, God in His Infinite Wisdom, has allowed this to happen for a specific purpose. He has been preparing us in a special way by sending His very Own Blessed Mother to guide us and remind us of our roots. Through perseverance, prayer and loyalty to Holy Mother Church headed by the Holy Father John Paul II and adhered to by the faithful who will not compromise, the pendulum is beginning to swing back toward the conservative side. In the seventy-seventh installment of this on-going feature series, we bring you part two of our series on the "Signs of these times" and how these signs serve as our guide along the path to Heaven as we continue to sound the clarion as a wake-up call to all Catholics, especially bringing to the attention of all Catholics the evident signs God has placed on our path to salvation. They are so obvious but too often we either have tunnel vision with blinders on and can't see the signs on the road, or our eyes and minds are wandering from what we truly need to see. If we don't pay attention, we shall pay dearly as the third millennium dawns. We continue to alert the reader to what is happening and sound the call to arms, to enlist in Mary's army and take up the battle cry. God said it, we believe it, that settles it! Too many Catholics are going their own way with little regard to what their spiritual shepherd - the Vicar of Christ says. Sin is whitewashed. If we're not careful there will be a tremendous backwash and who among us wants to get caught in the vortex of that swirling whirlpool of Justice? This series is a set blueprint for Catholics everywhere to take up the banner of truth in defending Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as we prepare for this glorious event.
Installment Seventy-Seven

part two:

"For what does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul?"

Matthew 16: 26 and Mark 8: 36
          Think about it. The abortion debate is satan's tool. The longer the "debate" goes on, the more satan wins, because man's mind, imperfect and flawed, laps up the distortions, the lapses in logic that are daily offered up by pro-abortion media, by candidates who speak out of both sides of their mouths, by the special interest groups who pad the pockets of politicians on both sides who in turn master the art of doublespeak. There's no doublespeak when it comes to abortion for this volatile issue is and always will be a moral issue, which should by no means belong to the political arena. God's Commandments have not changed. The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Commandments are still the same and no man-made law will ever diminish God's Law. It's really that simple.

          In that respect, we'd like to point out a very important CAUTION sign. While government has its place, it has no place telling the people how they should or should not "interpret" God's laws…on abortion, assisted suicides and euthanasia which all are, in no uncertain terms, murder; on the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriages; on genetic engineering; on judging who is and who is not worthy of "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" by nature of their race or creed; and many other issues that have become so much a part of the political scene. There is supposed to be a separation of Church and State. The State makes sure, such as the regulations regarding political endorsement, that the Church does not meddle in affairs of state; but then they turn around in stirring up, meddling and bungling things by trying to meddle in the affairs of the Church in respect to God's Laws which rightfully are regulated by the Church as Jesus Christ so instructed when He gave Peter the charge of His Church. Yet our government, specifically this current administration if you examine the records, has meddled more in matters of faith and morals than ever before evident from the veto of the partial birth amendment, the encouragement of same-sex unions, the flaunting of amorality in the lifestyles of influential politicians with no regard to the Eighty Commandment. But they greatly limit Catholic education by forcing Catholic parents who choose to send their children to parochial Catholic schools to bear the burden of paying taxes for public education without any tax break for the vast amount of money they sacrifice to ensure their sons and daughters are raised in the True Faith. In fact, the United States is the only country where there is no spirituality incorporated into the education system. It is the only country, now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, where God is outlawed in our schools, where it is illegal to even speak His name. No wonder this generation is so lost, no wonder this generation is wandering in a godless wasteland! Yet we accept with resignation whatever the government dictates as our religious freedoms are slowly eroding. How much will we allow government to regulate before we wake up and realize that this is precisely what has been foretold in Sacred Scripture, what the Blessed Mother of God has imparted in her apparitions from LaSalette to the present day? Is it that we're really that blind? Or is it, rather, that we've become that apathetic that we depend upon politicians who've abandoned the straight and narrow way to tell us what we're going to do in order to have a nice, comfortable life here on earth? So when we see CAUTION o the road ahead, it is a sign that one of the dangers we might encounter and which is a particularly deceiving, ugly pot-hole is political correctness. This, unfortunately, is doublespeak for letting conscience die and allowing satan to take over.

          Just look at the events over the past few weeks and we can see how far our society has fallen. We can see the emperor has no clothes but refuse to acknowledge it for fear of being criticized or because the economy is good. First of all, this administration has nothing to do with the current economy and secondly, the economy world-wide is not good. Thirdly, you can't take economy with you. The longer we pander to the polls and the atrocities of this administration and the disregard for life in the Senate, especially by those Republican senators we exposed in Tuesday's editorial and the supposedly Catholic senators from Illinois Carol Mosely-Braun and Dick Durbin. The latter two were both officially asked by the Bishops' Committee of Illinois headed by Cardinal Francis George, OMI to vote to overturn the veto and they responded by saying in effect, "butt out, we'll do it our way and the hell with our faith." The Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League Joseph Scheidler has called for the Cardinal to take action saying, "It is particularly offensive when a politician supports killing children and then pretends to belong to the Catholic Church, which holds all life to be sacred. Our unborn brothers and sisters deserve protection from public officials, not extermination. I hope that Cardinal George, Bishop Gregory, Bishop Meyer, Bishop Doran and Bishop Ryan are poised to issue a statement on excommunication." Those might seem like strong measures but considering the times and the circumstances possibly not strong enough. Scheidler points out what Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz pointed out to members of We Are Church and Call To Action a few years ago - that through their actions they are excommunicating themselves and thereby the Church takes action. Maybe it is time for the rest of the bishops to call their political representatives on the carpet as well, men like Ted Kennedy and that ilk who are an embarassment to Catholics everywhere. Maybe if they took the action, spoke out strongly for what the Church stands for and reinforced Canon Law regardless of the political fallout or consequences publicity-wise, it wouldn't be such a struggle to overturn the vetos of a president who has proven he is no friend of Jesus or children or Catholics!

          If we look through the haze of all the media spin and soundbites, we can see what a smokescreen we're being fed by this administration's campaign on cigarettes. While smoking is not good for our health, neither is too much alcohol, excessive eating, nor all the rest of the faults we possess as finite humans. But it's a case of too many obsessions with the body and none toward the soul. It's another example of our government trying to dictate our lives. With so much anti-smoking ordinance passage, we may not be able to find a cigarette but condoms will be plentiful. It could eventually become a crime to smoke a Winston because it could harm the body, but it's perfectly okay to have an abortion! Oh, what a tangled web we weave! We seem to be so preoccupied with our bodies - from Jenny Craig to liposuction to bulking up with Plex and Andro to vitamins ad nauseum that we've forgotten what really counts. We've forgotten Jesus' words in Matthew 16: 26 and Mark 8: 36, "For what does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul?" With all the political rhetoric and poll twisting, it reminds this writer of what a wise professor of logic once said, "When it comes to politicians, believe half of what you hear and forget the half you heard!" That is truer than ever, especially with this current regime. Being careful not to get into politics, we quote the funny papers but it really is no joke. The comic strip "B.C." by noted cartoonist Johnny Hart is often very spiritual, very poignant. Hart really hit the nail on the head a few years ago with the following lines in a series of eight boxes.

      "The political practice of lying
      is a sure sign of moral decay.
      The only thing worse, is when folks
      KNOW you're lying,
      And don't give a lick, either way.
    That really says it all. Remember this was written two years ago before the lewd truths ever surfaced. But should we be surprised? Consider that over seven years ago the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart received a verbal message from Our Lady back in the summer of 1991 when President George Bush was riding an 80% approval rating, that if we didn't pray and see the signs, heed the CAUTION signs and DANGER AHEAD warnings, we would elect in our country someone who would become the engineer on a runaway train leading us toward the abyss of perdition. We didn't and we did! Now we are stuck with a president who is not only immoral, but also anti-Catholic in his actions and appointments.

          There are those who criticize those who lambast Clinton, but consider that Jesus asks us to be charitable to Him first, the First Fruit of the Holy Spirit - Charity. Afterall, it's not very charitable to allow unborn babies to be ripped from their mother's wombs; it's not very charitable to promote a promiscuous lifestyle by encouraging prophylactics; it's not very charitable to be shameful before the nation and scandalize our children; it's not very charitable to lie and cheat for his own purposes at the expense of a nation founded on the principles of God. In truth when it comes to principles the principal of the United States has none! Consider the second part of Jonny Hart's words:

      Alas, when their apathy
      Reaches this level
      It's but a mere bagatelle
      to have voted to office "the father of lies"
      And go partying straight into hell!"
    We've done just that and it's time to stop partying and start praying!

          Are we going to YIELD to this atmosphere, this false philosophy, or by our prayers and convictions turn this country back to God? The choice is ours to make: The EXIT from all this lies in the ENTRANCE to the straight, narrow and harrowing road. It's the most difficult path we can take, but the only one. We must stay the course.

    In the next installment we will examine the itinerary to traveling this road - Interstate 2000.

September 24, 1998       volume 9, no. 187


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