DAILY CATHOLIC     TUESDAY     September 22, 1998     vol. 9, no. 185


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The last hurrah between Heaven or hell!

          The defeat this past Friday of trying to overturn Bill Clinton's insensitive veto of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban lays squarely in the consciences of four Republicans who veered from their party and voted against pro-life. The bill missed by only three votes of banning partial birth abortions in which the innocent child is ripped from the womb, skull crushed. Had all Republicans voted along party lines, it would have passed by one vote. Aside from the fact that 13 Democrats crossed party lines and voted for the Culture of Life, the four Republican senators who dealt the death blow to the innocents were Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, John Chafee of Rhode Island, and James Jeffords of Vermont. These four can take the blame and will have to answer to God for their irresponsibility. Collins, 46, was elected in 1996. Snowe, 51, was elected in 1994 and is supposedly a practicing member of the Greek Orthodox Church, having graduated from St. Basil's Academy. Chafee is in his seventies and has received money and plaudits from Planned Parenthood. Enough said. Jeffords, 64, is in his second term first being elected in 1988. What is sad is that Jeffords received the Congressional Advocate of the Year Award in 1995 from the Child Welfare League of America. We ask you how he is contributing to the welfare of children by advocating death to those innocent ones in the last trimester? On top of that he is Chairman of Labor and Human Resources which covers health concerns as well as Special Committee on Aging. Look out for euthanasia with Jeffords involved. One other thing, he voted strongly against private school vouchers. What's even more ironic is that this Republican from Vermont shares the Senate with his counterpart Patrick Leahy, a Democrat who is one of the thirteen to oppose party policy and vote God's Will by voting "Yes." He is one of the few Democrats who has a commendable Pro-Life stance, but then he should since he graduated from St. Michael's College and received his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University. These four deservedly need to be exposed and hopefully drummed out of office. We have personally e-mailed each beseeching them to change their stance when the next opportunity to repeal the ban once again is introduced on the Senate floor - and it will be, especially after the Republicans gain total control of the Senate with the fallout of the Clinton fiasco and the apathy of Democrats at the polls in November. Hopefully we can rid this nation of such parasites as Barbara Boxer of California, just one of many who need to be voted out of office.

          While we are passing out brickbats deservedly so to these four "betrayers," we must extend bouquets to those Democrats who voted "Yes" to overturn the veto - to give the children a chance. Besides Leahy, they are John Breaux and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, a highly Catholic state; Wendell Ford of Kentucky; Harry Reid of Nevada, Daniel Moynihan of New York, a Catholic who has not always voted along Catholic moral lines in the past; Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota; Fritz Hollings of South Carolina; Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson of South Dakota; and Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

          In addition to the above Democrats, the following Republicans should be given bouquets and singled out for their strong stance on pro-life and upholding the Constitution of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as well as God's Laws. They are Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions of Alabama; Frank Murkowski of Alaska; Tim Hutchinson, a Baptist Minister from Arkansas; Jon Kyl and John McCain of Arizona; Wayne Allard of Colorado; Connie Mack of Florida; Paul Coverdell of Georgia; Lary Craig and Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho; Richard Lugar and Dan Coats of Indiana; Chuck Grassley of Iowa; Paul Roberts of Kansas; Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; Spence Abraham of Michigan; Rod Grams of Minnesota; Thad Cochran and Trent Lott of Mississippi; John Ashcroft and Kit Bond of Missouri; Conrad Burns of Montana; Chuck Hagel of Nebraska; Robert Smith and Judd Gregg of New Hamphire; Al D'Amato of New York; Jesse Helms and Lauch Faircloth of North Carolina; Mike DeWine of Ohio; Don Nickles and James Inhoff of Oklahoma; Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; Strom Thurmond of South Carolina; Bill Frist of Tennesee; Phil Gramm and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas; Orin Hatch and Robert Bennett of Utah; John Warner of Virginia; and Craig Thomas and Mike Enzi of Wyoming.

          An interesting pattern geographically is the fact that the four Republicans who were traitors to the cause of life were from New England. Connecticutt, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island all voted for the culture of death. Considering the Catholic states of Maryland and Massachusetts and their supposedly Catholic representatives it is a sad commentary that cries out to the Heavens. Does the name Ted Kennedy make you want to gag on your morning coffee? The strongest support for life is in the South with every southern state casting a strong vote for the Culture of Life. In the midwest Illinois and Wisconsin were the only states unanimously opposing overturning the veto but look who their senators are and no one should be surprised. In the west Hawaii and California voted "No" but consider that in the latter the Golden State was represented by two liberal, radical women who hopefully will be voted out of office in the near future - Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, both avowed abortionists and promoters of homosexuality.

          That's the scorecard. If you would like to register your complaints or review the records of these elected representatives, we recommend you go to www.prolife.org/tal/sub3.html where you can link to each senator and their e-mail address. We have already sent our feelings to the four betrayers and kudos to the Democrats who voted to uphold pro-life. Above all pray for those who have been misguided and, if you live in those states where the culture of death is promoted as politically correct, get involved and help defeat them in the upcoming election if they are up for reelection. Here in California Catholics Dan Lungren and Gray Davis are locked in a heated battle for Governor. Davis is touting his pro-abortion stance in hopes of stealing the women's lib vote while Lungren, even in his ads, is proudly proclaiming that he is Catholic and will uphold the dignity of human life and that parents need to know what their children are doing. Kudos to him and pray he is elected in this state that is badly in need of a transfusion of grace and common sense. Come to think of it, on this first day of autumn when the country is bombarded by the sordid details and lurid account of the "Lyin' King" from Arkansas, isn't it time we all pray to Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary to return our country to the protection of her Immaculate Heart. This upcoming election, just six weeks away, could be the last hurrah between Heaven or hell!

Michael Cain, editor