DAILY CATHOLIC     TUESDAY     September 15, 1998     vol. 9, no. 180


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Let's get back to the business of giving this country back to God. Lord knows Clinton won't!

          What better day to express our sorrows than on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows? The Blessed Mother must truly be weeping for her children who are being lured into the wiles and snares of the devil with lies and deception from the highest level down. Today's editorial is much more lengthy than usual because of the contents, but not as long as the Starr Report nor is it X-rated reading material. Like the Starr Report, however, it does point out definite grounds for impeachment or immediate resignation, and a case for definite criminal charges for William Jefferson Clinton has a lot of explaining to do for events and coincidences that cry out for answers. We're not talking just of the sexual charges against him or even perjury. No they go much deeper as we shall document. First of all, regarding the Starr Report, how many are tired of all the prurient, sordid details of the "Clinton Chronicles" that read like a steamy sex novel? Thought so. But the argument that we need to put this all aside and get on with the business of running the country is not the answer because it is the caliber of the one who is supposedly "running the country" that has pulled our nation down. Too often those clamoring to let up and get on with it are those who don't want to answer for Bill Clinton's immorality and disobedience. They want to protect him and point to Christians to forgive and forget. As Christians, as Catholics we must forgive...but forgetting can be another matter. In the Spirit that Jesus teaches we must be ready to forgive just as Jesus forgave Mary Magdalene, just as the prodigal son was forgiven. The main difference between these examples, however is that they took Christ's words to heart - "Go and sin no more." How many times has Bill Clinton and his immediate administration apologized for this or that and then turned right around and done even worse? It goes back to his days in Arkansas when he was first accused and he apologized, saying it would never happen again. Guess what , folks, the gullible public bought it hook, line and sinker and elected him president even though the Blessed Mother had warned us of his ilk at a time when President George Bush was riding an all-time high popularity poll. Looking back in retrospect we can see Our Lady, like a loving, concerned mother, warned us - told us we'd be sorry, but did we listen? No! Are we listening now? Sadly, no! This past Friday just hours before the lurid Starr Report was released, Clinton played to the crowd at the annual White House Prayer Breakfast. He said everything the clergymen in attendance wanted to hear...well, almost everything. While he admitted sinning and resolved to amend his ways, we'd like to believe him but we fear he's cried "wolf" too many times to believe the man has one sincere bone in his body. If he were truly repentant, if he truly believed the religious words he spoke, if he truly believed in God's Mercy, then he would have really convinced the priests, ministers and rabbis in attendance and a hopeful nation by rebuking the culture of death and embracing a full conversion by vowing to not veto the Partial Abortion birth ban, by vowing to not sponsor any kind of bill that goes against God's laws such as abortion, assisted suicide or promoting the homosexual agenda. Has he done this? No! Do we expect him to? No! Therefore, how can we believe this man speaks from his heart? How can we believe he's really sorry? Oh, he's sorry. He's sorry that he's finally been discovered. He's sorry he can't continue to cover up a perversion that has made a mockery of the White House. He's sorry that all the finagling and legal manipulations couldn't blind justice. He's sorry that his sickness has been exposed to the world. And it is a sickness. With any illness it's time for healing, but he needs to rest. In retrospect, a long rest would not only be a good healing for him but for the country as well.

          Speaking of retrospect, Clinton has left a dirty laundry list of "sins" throughout his tenure in the White House and as Governor of Arkansas where this whole sordid matter began. In fact, if you check the facts and files, there are many skeletons buried in his closet - literally. There are over 50 people who could be classified as "skeletons" since they all died "mysteriously." Could it be their deaths were hastened because they were all witnesses to some of Clinton's misdeeds? On the surface our first answer would be no, no way. But on further examination there are too many coincidences and unanswered questions to state that these are only coincidences. No, Bill Clinton and his cronies are going to have to answer too many questions to God and to the citizens of this country. Look at the list of names: James McDougal who was convicted in the Whitewater scandal and died of an apparent heart attack while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in the Starr investigation and had a strong heart according to doctors. Mary Mahoney was a former White House intern like Monica Lewinsky. Mahoney was murdered last year on July 6 during the pretrial publicity surrounding the Paula Jones lawsuit. Many suspected Mahoney was about to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House. We all know about the next two. Vincent Foster, the former White House counselor and law partner with Hillary Clinton in Little Rock is said to have committed suicide. Yet the circumstances are still very, very questionable and Foster had no tendency towards ending his life according to his family and close friends. Yes, folks, there's something rotten in Denmark. Take the plane crash of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown near Dubrovnik a few year's back. While the public was lead to believe he died because of impact, a pathologist investigation claims an autopsy on Brown's skull discovered a hole in his head that resembled a bullet wound. On top of that, he had given all indications he was going to make a deal with prosecutors and come clean. Then consider the other "close friends" of Bill and Hillary Clinton's: C. Victor Raiser II, a major player as the former National finance Co-Chairman for the Clinton campaign and his son Montgomery Raiser who both died in another mysterious plane crash in Alaska in 1992; Paul Tulley, who Clinton had considered a "dear friend and trusted advisor" and who had been apointed Democrat National Committee Political Director, was discovered dead in his hotel room in, where else, - Little Rock in 1992; Ed Willey, widower of Kathleen Willey whom Clinton made advances toward. Ed Willey was an accomplished fund-raiser for Clinton and was found in the Virginia woods the end of November 1993 from a gunshot wound to the head. It was quickly ruled another suicide. Is it coincidental that this happened the very same day Kathleen Willey testified that Clinton groped her in the oval office? Then there's the questionalble "Arkansas Mafia" incidents in which Jerry Parks who was head of Clinton's Security team while he was Governor was shot in his car at a curiously deserted street on the outskirts of the city. He had been a close confidant of Clinton and his family and, according to his son, was ready to write an expose from the files he had accrued - files that were stolen from the house after his death. Coincidence? There was Barry Seal who was mysteriously murdered - a closet friend of Clinton's, Seal was a private pilot who smuggled drugs in and out of Mena, Arkansas - a small mountain community midway between Fort Smith and Texarkana on the far western side of the state in the Ouachita National Forest in the verdant and "good-ol' boy" Ozarks. There has been a lot of evidence that Clinton was heavily involved in the drug running. The following victims bear this out: Johnny Lawhon, Jr.. Investigators found he had just written a check to Clinton supposedly for payment of drugs before he rammed his car into a telephone poll at full speed. Then there was Stanley Muggins who was preparing a report on some of Clinton's business dealings. Authorities ruled it a suicide. One of Clinton's fund raisers and attorneys Hershell Friday was killed when his plane exploded on March 1, 1994. Coincidence? Kevin Ives and Don Henry were two young boys who accidentally discovered the drug running at the Mena airport and were eliminated. They supposedly fell asleep on a railroad track, but autopsies revealed they had died before being struck by a train. The following persons also died mysteriously before they could give testimony to the Grand Jury regarding the death of the two boys: Keith Coney who ran his motorcycle into the rear end of a truck even though he was considered an excellent driver. The truck driver was never found. Keith McMaskle was brutally stabbed to death 113 times. No suspect was ever uncovered. Gregory Collins, Jeff Rhodes and Jordan Ketteson were all gunned down in separate incidences. Coincidence? Two others, Richard Winters and James Milan were also murdered, the former in a set-up robbery in July 1989 and the latter was found decapitated, yet - can you believe it? - the coroner on the case ruled it "natural causes"?! Coincidence? Florence Martin was shot to death. She had been the accountant subcontractor for the CIA in the Mena case for the Grand Jury. An investigative reporter Danny Casolaro was found with his wrists slit. Again a rushed-to-judgment suicide even though he had accrued beaucoup incriminating evidence in his investigation and gave no indication of abandoning it all. Add Attorney Paul Wilcher who was working closely with Casolaro on the corruption in Arkansas. He was found dead in his bathroom in June 1993 in his apartment in the nation's capitol just three weeks after he had delivered a report to Janet Reno. Twelve of Clinton's former bodyguards - men who possibly knew too much - are all dead. Coincidence?

          Sorry, but there have been too many to be coincidences. Consider James Bunch who supposedly shot himself even though he held a "black book" of influential names who paid for expensive sex in Arkansas and Texas. The book was stolen as well. James Wilson who had ties to Whitewater hung himself though investigators still wonder about the logistics of suicide considering the angle he hung from. Kathy Ferguson supposedly committed suicide. She was the ex-wife of Danny Ferguson, Arkansas Highway Patrolmen who had been a co-defendant with Clinton in the Paula Corbin Jones lawsuit. Kathy had been a possible witness for the prosecution and the fact she had her suitcases packed and ready to leave didn't give evidence of a suicide. On top of that another Arkansas State Trooper Bill Shelton who was engaged to Kathy Ferguson, was found shot near the grave of his fiancee. That also was considered a suicide. That's an awful lot of suicides. What would prompt that many people to take their own lives? Something doesn't wash. Something is defintely rotten in Denmark. Take Gandy Baugh who plunged to his death from a highrise after his client Dan Lassater, a friend of Clinton's, was convicted of drug peddling; or Jon Parnell Walker who had been investigating Whitewater and the Morgan Guarantee scandal. He also supposedly leaped to his death from his Virginia apartment in Arlington. More plane crashes: Dr. Stanley Heard, the head of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee and supposedly a close friend of the Clinton family who served on his advisory committee, was killed along with his attorney Steve Dickson in another mysterious plane crash. Tied in with Ron Brown, there was Charles Meissner, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce who is the one who gave John Huang security clearance. Coincidence? He died also in yet another small plane crash. Coincidence? One of Brown's staffers in the Commerce Department who knew more than she should have - Barbara Wise was found stripped and dead in her locked office at the Department. Investigations have been suppressed. Coincidence? With friends like these who needs enemies???

          Is Bill Clinton sorry for all of these? Only God and he know what really happened to the victims above and the other innocent people sacrificed to cover up the corruption of this administration. That corruption includes not just pro-abortion agendas but also his selling out to NATO and the UN. Through his puppet Reno, he has harassed pro-life demonstrators at every turn even though state appeals have upheld the pro-lifers' rights for the most part. He has instructed and used the IRS to harass, hound and intimidate his enemies and innocent citizens. Clinton has overtly promoted the homosexual agenda trying to forcefeed the American public that it should be recognized and accepted as an alternate lifestyle, and not condemn it. Christ teaches we should love the sinner, hate the sin; Clinton teaches we should give in to the sinner and embrace the sin. Call it the "misery loves company" syndrome. Clinton openly condones illicit behavior as being something "personal" that the public should accept because, after all, he's only human. Did he take that into consideration regarding all of the victims above and the countless citizens he has scandalized and betrayed? He has usurped his powers, using the Executive Office to wheel and deal for his own ends at the country's expense. Consider that he continues to increase government regulations over health care despite being rejected over his and Hillary's national health care plan. Consider that often he has signed legisation that overrules local and state governments, with his hidden agenda to gain more power for the federal government - "Big Brother!" Evidence of this usurping can be found in the manipulation he accomplished when he manuevered the Interior Department to monopolize the complete supply of low-sulfur coal by declaring the property in Utah a National Monument, thus assuring there would be no competition from a company in Indonesia to import coal - the same company which contributed generously to the Clinton election campaign! Look at the shady dealings within the Commerce Department which has sold out to China with high technology regarding military weapons. Just what this country needs - to give the ammo to a nation who's intent on destroying the United States! It just so happens The Peoples' Liberation Army of China also was a strong contributor to Clinton's campaign. Isn't that strange that even though they have no vote, they can influence an election. No wonder the Chinese wanted Clinton. They've got a weak ferret in this man who they can manipulate and weaken the U.S. military strength. Ol' Slick Willie is playing right into the hands of the late Chairman Mao! Throughout all this corruption, had any of it been able to be brought before Grand Juries William Jefferson Clinton would never have seen the inside of the White House; rather he'd be sitting behind bars the same as James McDougal. But he has masterminded the most intricate web of deception this country has ever seen. The Nixon Watergate was kindergarten stuff compared to this!

          And now, folks, he's endeavoring to deceive us even further by feigning contrition. He's not ashamed of what he did because it offended God or others, he's ashamed because he got caught. He's putting on that facade of being sincere and hurt and who can resist that. He and his spinmeisters have tried to villainize those who would dare criticize him or try to get to the truth behind the mountain of lies and cover-ups. We saw that during his first nationally televised "apology" when he railed at Kenneth Starr. We saw that back in late January this year when Hillary "forcefully denied the allegations" stating that it was an attack by the right wing conservatives who were mounting a "smear campaign." Has she apologized yet for that slur? She acknowledged to the public that "if it were true it would be a very serious offense." Then she said that "this is a battle...and some folks are going to have a lot to answer for when the facts finally come out." Do you have a mirror handy, Hillary? And while you're looking for that, please pack your bags. And tell your husband we forgive him, but we'd just as soon forget him. Yet, the memory of all those victims and the countless citizens he has hurt is hard to forget for it is an offense that goes farther than his legendary sexual trysts. That is just a smokescreen for the real damage Clinton has done. So the last one out of the White House turn off the lights and let's get back to the business of giving this country back to God. Lord knows Clinton won't!

Michael Cain, editor