DAILY CATHOLIC    MONDAY     September 14, 1998     vol. 9, no. 179



          With the release Friday of the Starr Report, the country is abuzz in prurient interest over the illicit affairs of the President and Monica Lewinsky. However, the Catholic Dispatch has issued a warning that we felt important enough to repeat below and to be careful of falling into the trap that you "must read it." Also, be aware of the clever, crafty game Clinton's advisors are playing by trying to throw a smokescreen over the rest of the violations by this administration and violations of the constitution as they allow the unsavory details of the Lewinski affair to penetrate every home and then cry "personal" as millions of unborn babies continue to be slaughtered because of Clinton's disregard for the culture of life.

          Remember that we will be accountable before God if we put ourselves in the near occasion of sin. It should be enough for anyone to know that something immoral had taken place, and that President Clinton was guilty by his own admission. Aside from that it would be best to stay away from any news medium (including the Internet) which we perceive could possibly touch upon this matter.... and stay away from it until the commotion settles down.

          Of course, every portion of the report does not contain immoral material, but realistically we know that the ONLY portions that will be quoted everywhere are the MOST immoral and the MOST scandalous portions. It can only take a few seconds to allow this moral poison into ones head for the rest of your life. We see no excuse for anyone, after reading this warning, to deliberately read such material. Don't let Satan tempt you with thoughts such as, "You really should know what is going on in your own government!", or, "I shouldn't be ignorant and misinformed of the details of the headline news!"

          It has been traditionally the practice of the Catholic Church, for the spiritual welfare of Her members, even to put books on the "Index of Forbidden Books" where a Catholic would be excommunicated simply for possessing the books! And that was in the days before TV when these forbidden books contained FAR LESS immoral things, of FAR LESS severity than is today vomited into the faces and minds of millions in one short television commercial!

          When we look at St. John Vianney in the mid 19th century, we see that he forbade people to attend dances, even if they were just there to watch, because of the occasion of sin. He knew human nature well as he spent most of his life in the Confessional hearing the sins of his parishioners. And the Church has officially made the saint the "Patron Saint of Parish Priests". How much more in this day and age?!

          A few words ought to be said about President Clinton, from a Catholic perspective. The man is immoral in his personal life which is well established. He is a man who DOES NOT make his own decisions. He simply has a job, and plays the part well. The things he says publicly, the policies he makes, and the places he goes (and even probably the way he wears his hair) is determined by the "advisors" around him. It is not revealed exactly who all these advisors are but they want to keep the world looking and pointing at him for guidance and blame.

          Before this Lewinsky scandal, there had already been a serious and VERY organized movement in this country, that has been felt in congress, to impeach Clinton for constitutional and political reasons. Aside from all the immoral reasons, there is already ample reason to impeach Clinton for violations of the constitution and for other political reasons. These, in our educated opinion, are issues which the "advisors" do not want to be made public because the violation of the constitution is an ongoing thing. The legalization of abortion is a blatant example.

          Bringing the Lewinsky scandal to the public forum serves two purposes, in our opinion. It serves as a smoke screen to cover the more important and serious reasons for impeachment. Rather than bring political and constitutional violations to the public forum thereby educating the public on these necessary things, both young and old have their heads filled with soap-opera-like immoral and X-rated material across the nation and world . This serves to further bring down Christianity and make the public desire more and more immorality in their daily entertainment and news media.

          Clinton can be impeached, but since he really does not decide the issues, things will still continue along the same course through the man who takes his place....because the advisors will still be there, briefing the next man in meetings, handing him his speeches and tickets, and warning him what to avoid saying in conversation. - Catholic Dispatch.

September 14, 1998       volume 9, no. 179


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