DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN-MON     September 11-13, 1998     vol. 9, no. 178


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To keep the GOLDEN CHALICE AWARD going, we need help from YOU!!!

          We have had countless submissions for inclusion in our links section Ports o' Call and, in reality, have been so busy, have not had time to include all of them for it will take a major revamp project to classify the hundreds and hundreds of requests. In addition, we have been lambasted by a few for having this link or that link solely because they have a link that is not in line with the traditional Catholic thinking. Folks, we can't control what others do and provide the warning to be careful when you sail from the safe harbor of the DAILY CATHOLIC. There are so many Catholic sites on the net and if we possibly could we would review each one and report on them on a daily basis but that would take another person full-time just for searching and writing and researching and we don't have that luxury for, unlike other sites, NO ONE is paid a dime to maintain this site or write the plethora of material daily in the DAILY CATHOLIC. So, we are making a plea to you the reader that if you would like to write a review of a Catholic site deserving of our GOLDEN CHALICE AWARD we would love to have your participation and will be glad to give you author credit. The guidelines are simple: First and foremost the site must be loyal to the Magisterium of the Church. Secondly, you can judge your review with one to ten Hail Mary's awarded by you as a guage which you can use to measure its 1) faithfulness and thoroughness, 2) Overall look of the site and graphics, and 3) Ease of navigating through the site.

          If you have a site and would like it considered, we encourage you to write a review. It will be scrutinized and studied and followed up on so that it won't be a pure puff piece. We reserve the right to edit anything submitted and will e-mail back to you the final review before being published. In addition, we need the name of the webmaster and their e-mail address so we can send them a copy of the review as well before it is published each weekend. Therefore, anyone wanting to be included in the Ports o' Call section will be able to control their own destiny. Please also be willing to submit images which we can use with permission for greater emphasis. We will not rule out any Catholic site if it has non-Catholic links on its site for truly that is one of the ways we evangelize to non-Catholics and fallen-away Catholics. Again, as long as the site is loyal to the Magisterium it should be considered despite its links for that is something beyond their control most of the time. However, a disclaimer should be noted in the review of caution because of non-Catholic sites or questionable sites in their links section. Just e-mail the editor at either DailyCatholic@catholic-internet.org or webmaster@catholic-internet.org with your review or any questions you might have on how to write a review.

          Well, there you have it. Plain and simple we need help in reviewing and writing reviews because we have been completely swamped. Many have asked how they can help and, outside of prayers and financial love offerings, this is the best way right now. We are very appreciative of any contribution to these pages you can make in this endeavor so that we will be able to keep the GOLDEN CHALICE AWARD going. God bless you and thank you.

September 11-13, 1998       volume 9, no. 178


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