DAILY CATHOLIC     THURSDAY     September 3, 1998     vol. 9, no. 173

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          VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- At his weekly public audience today, Pope John Paul II explained that the Holy Spirit, to whom he has consecrated this year of preparation for the Jubilee, is "the source of true freedom" for man.

          "The Holy Spirit is the light that illumines man's conscience," the Pope said. "We become truly free when-- through the power of the Holy Spirit-- we follow the law that God reveals in the intimate sanctuary of our conscience."

          At a deeper level, the Holy Father continued, the Spirit unites man with Christ, and thus makes him a partaker in the Divine life. The greatest realization of human freedom comes when, in imitation of Christ, man offers God the gift of his self. "The full significance of freedom" was realized on Calvary, the Pope continued, when "Christ gave himself to the Father to free the world from slavery to sin."

          Man's sharing in the life of Christ also requires the work of the Holy Spirit, the Pontiff continued. "The Holy Spirit makes us able to follow the supreme law of love, which is the way to our full and authentic freedom."

          To address the Wednesday audience, the Pope arrived in St. Peter's Square by helicopter from his summer residence at Castel Gandalfo. Soon after the audience he returned to Castel Gandalfo. His next appearance at the Vatican will be on September 5, for an audience with members of Italian Catholic Action groups, and for observances commemorating the death of Mother Teresa.

          The Vatican also announced that Pope John Paul II will make a pastoral visit to the north of Italy later this month. The visit will center on the city of Brescia, which will be observing the 20th anniversary of the death of Pope Paul VI, a native son.

          The Pope will leave Rome on September 18, traveling to Chiavari. The following day he will continue to Brescia, staying there until September 22, when he will return to Rome.

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September 3, 1998       volume 9, no. 173


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