DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN     October 2-4, 1998     vol. 9, no. 193


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          With the messages for the world having been concluded three years ago, slowly the public "Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart" has been able to return to the fullness of being Cyndi Cain, wife and mother (roles she never abandoned even for a moment during the public years). However, after much prayer and discernment, she feels strongly that there is much God wishes her to share, for He continually teaches us in our hearts and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are to share, to learn, to grow and to be there for one another, as He is always there for us.

          In each weekend issue she hopes to find the time in a busy schedule of caring for a sick child, schooling another son, and the regular work of keeping up a home not to mention helping with the ministry, to write a few lines in sharing with all the experiences and lessons learned in her own introspection. Cyndi has chosen to call her few words, humble and poor in the face of the Almighty, "SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING", for He has placed these words in her heart. To suffer: How all hate the thought, and how, when one is a mother who is faced with the onset of an illness for which the cure may be years away we feel our hearts break in many places. Yet, God hears a beautiful melody here. The angels hear it, too, and so do the saints. The melody reaches to the Heavens and joins with the unending chorus of all the hosts of Heaven praising God. It is Cyndi's sincerest hope that perhaps, together with the reader, we can take our sufferings, which are different yet similar, and place them into this great hymn of praise to the Creator, our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and learn to make beautiful music unto the Lord. Below is her nineteenth sonata.

Encrypting our souls with the great Heavenly Symphony through the code of silence

          During this past week, I have meditated upon Our Lady's Message on September 25 from Medjugorje. At first hearing, or first reading it might appear to be the "same old" thing that our Heavenly Mother has been saying for all these years.

          True, she has said this before, but obviously few were listening, fewer still taking the words imparted to heart and living them. The thought that kept coming to me was the old adage common from World War II. "Loose lips sink ships."

          Our Lady tells us in her most recent message that we all talk too much and that we don't pray enough. This, my dear friends, is the core of our failure to bring about the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart now. It is the core of why we don't understand Heaven's messages, warnings, nor do we seek to do God's Will at every instant. In short, our "loose lips" tend to sink our soul into the snares satan lays for us, and in so doing, our symphony becomes discordant and displeasing to God.

          Oh, we all love to talk. The world is "overpopulated" with talk - and 99.9% of all of it is nothing more than a distraction and in many cases leading us into temptation. We have also failed to realize that we are failing God, playing a melody that is flat, when we spend our time "talking" about this message or that message.

          Having examined my conscience after reading Our Lady's Message, I came to the understanding, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, that Mary wasn't simply referring to the times we gossip about everyday things. That's certainly part of what our Blessed Mother is referring to. After all, we talk endlessly on the telephone, we talk to our friends, we talk about others, and we talk at one another, with our ears deaf for listening.

          However, Our Lady's words go far deeper, and in this regard, she speaks to us about our spiritual "gossiping" as well. For example, what good does it do for a prayer group, or any group for that matter, to meet and spend a good hour talking about this or that message, rehashing it, thrashing it out, digging deeper into the meaning, when its pure meaning is given through the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and not debate? We have wasted time, because we have done nothing but talk. When we talk, we are thinking, and therefore, we are not speaking the words of our hearts (which would be prayer), but spewing forth words from finite minds engaged in cognitive thinking.

          Nevertheless, what, you say, are we supposed to do? If we aren't supposed to "talk" about the messages of the Mother of God, then just what are we supposed to "listen" for, or "listen" to?

          The answer is very simple, and because it is simple, we don't get it. We like to complicate things, because we feel it is a sign of maturity, of intelligence, if we are able to dissect and debate endlessly over issues. What would happen if, on October 25th, when our Blessed Mother gives her monthly message to the world, we would all "listen" to it, and then go and pray about it in the stillness of our hearts?

          Imagine that! No debate, no discussion, no speculation, just plain silence from our lips, while our souls are attentively listening to the Heavenly words and beckoning the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide us. What if, upon hearing the Message, all who had "heard" got down on their knees and simply prayed in silence from their heart and the Holy Spirit would come and bring understanding and knowledge sublime, and there would be no need for words? Could you do that? Do you want to try?

          Sure, it's going to be hard. We live in a world of instant communication (until a satellite spins out of orbit and the power to our electronic devices is cut off), and we are trained, like lab rats, to speak and proffer our opinion on every subject imaginable.

          God doesn't want that from us. God's own Mother has been telling us that for years, and I wonder if she is weary of repeating herself? I would like to offer you this suggestion: From this day on let us all keep silent in our hearts, and keep a zipper on our lips. We don't have to discuss the Message. It speaks for itself. We don't need to keep our minds so occupied that we're on overload. Let's turn off our lips, turn off the distractions of the world, even if you have to take every electrical plug out of your TV, radio, stereo, etc., and instead, just live the message with all your heart.

          Together, shall we try to do this and see how much more prepared we are for the October message when it comes? Wouldn't it be something if, by being still, by buttoning the lips, our souls would rise into the mystical air of Heaven where understanding and enlightenment and peace would bring us ever closer to God, and drive from us curiosity and other negatives which defeat the entire purpose of the Blessed Mother's apparitions and messages? I'm willing. Will you join with me? Ponder the message deep in the silence of your soul. Live that message. Pray with your heart, pray from your heart, and see what miracles God will work in your soul.

          If loose lips sink ships, or in this case, sink souls, then let us be on guard to encrypt our souls in the music of Heaven, where the enemy cannot crack the code of silence we have placed upon ourselves.

Cyndi Cain

October 2-4, 1998       volume 9, no. 193


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