DAILY CATHOLIC   FRI-SAT-SUN   October 23-25, 1998   vol. 9, no. 208


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The UN and the world are at a crossroads and only the Cross points in the right direction!

          If ever the United Nations was at a turning point this is it. The world organization that was spawned by NATO after World War II in 1945 is trying its utmost to wield a mighty club but that tool is looking more and more like mere sponge rubber in the face of stiff stipulations from two sources - United States Congress and the Vatican. In respect to the former, they have been holding the UN hostage for some time now and more power to them. Rather than kowtowing to Bill Clinton's sellout of the United States to the UN, they are stiffening their backs in making a final 1.3 billion dollar payment to the UN by demanding that no money goes to funding abortions. Three cheers for the Senate and House, three being for the Trinity. The facts come down to the point that Clinton has steadfastly refused to give up his culture of death platform. If he truly cares that much for the US and paying off the debt to the UN, then he would sign it in the blink of an eye. But the fact he stubbornly refuses says volumes about the man and his administration. If people cannot see that he does not care one iota for this beloved nation and its welfare, look at his own actions and lies, his cover-ups and total lack of moral character. Thank God Congress, as bad as they can be as politicians and human beings often, have at least enough pro culture of life advocates to force this showdown.

          Now the UN and Secretary General Kofi Annan are trying to intimidate Uncle Sam with threats, chief among them taking away America's vote in the General Assembly if it doesn't fork over the moula. Though the United States would not lose their seat on the General Assembly (after all that would be like taking the kid off the team that owns the bat, ball and field itself!), the failure to pay up would cost them a vote. But our response is "so what!" Let's face it, the UN has lost so much of its clout and never was as strong as the Ally Powers of the Second World War era. Not only that, but the UN has not been beneficial to the world overall. It has sought to intimidate third world countries and dictate the terms of culture in many countries, specifically its controlled population agenda which the Vatican has fought bitterly through the years. In fact, it was Pope John Paul II who stood practically alone in the showdown in Cairo when Al Gore and his cronies smugly thought they could railroad through their culture of death platform. But the Clinton administration did not count on the power of prayer and the unlikely alliance of the Moslem nations with the Roman Catholic Church. The result was a resounding battle victory for the Holy See, but it was only a battle. The war is still on and there have been many casualties - especially in the front lines, or shall we say in the womb where millions of babies have been slaughtered - a staggering amount of fatalities that makes the trajedy of the Holocaust miniscule in comparison. We hear constantly about the suffering and aberrations in the Nazi death camps when millions of Jews were put to death simply because of their faith. One reason we hear about it is because there were survivors. Where are the survivors of abortion? How can they witness if they never had the chance to even read or speak, never had a chance to see the light of day? But Almighty God has promised that these little ones will have their day, that they will be the avenging angels He sends when it is His time. They are truly the Holy Innocents!

          With Congress tightening the vice, the Vatican has a little more leverage and Archbishop Renato Martino, the permanent observer from the Vatican at the United Nations General Assembly is not sitting meekly by to watch what will transpire, but is taking the bull by the horns by calling for a complete nuclear disarmament by all nations who have ballistic capacity. The recent news that both Pakistan and India, two fairly primitive nations when it comes to sophisticated weapons, have nuclear capabilities is a very, very scary proposition. Some claim that only through prayer have God's faithful ones been able to prevent a disaster of tremendous proportions. Archbishop Martino didn't stop at hardware, but also called for the end of child soldiers. It didn't work during the "Children's Crusade" in 1212 and it won't work now. The prelate representing the Holy See is seeking to end the exploitation of the young through an "immediate demobilization" of all youth engaged in battle. Not only is it a terrible message to send to the children - one of hate and violence - but also provides little chance of survival for these inexperienced warriors who are thrust into something they don't understand. Not that this is the answer but it is a start as the prelate pointed out and must be supplemented by much needed medical assistance and education available to all. He jumped on the well-documented fact that 800 children a month are felled by land-mines left in areas that are heavily populated by the young and active innocents.

          Rather than focusing all their attention on the instrinsic value and dignity of God's greatest creation, they are setting their sights on the creations He provided for the sake of man - namely earth with a call for all faiths to deal with the ecology and urging them to make it a priority. No offense against ecologists out there, but God is going to take care of that all in due time. We can't afford to get carried away with the new-age concept of earth as so darn important that we lose sight of our eternal soul. Now we're not advocating people go out and pollute or scatter trash all over, chop or burn down trees just for the sake of it, or kill animals for the fun of it. No, there must remain a semblance of reason and balance in respect to this finite globe, but don't you think it is being carried to an extreme at the expense of that more important environment and atmosphere - Eternal life? The UN and the world population have seemingly lost sight of the overall goal, placing priorities on things that are finite and will soon pass away, while trivializing the supernatural as merely something superstitious and reserved for dreamers and crackpots. Nevermind that there are over one billion Catholics inhabiting this earth, nevermind that Jesus is on record for promising that He would be with us always, even to the consummation of the world (cf. Matthew 28: 20), nevermind that He has said the poor we will have always with us. The UN doesn't necessarily believe this for if they succeed in their agenda of planned population and controlling cultures we may not have enough people left to even be considered poor! But we do know one thing for sure, in Heaven and on earth, we'd all be poorer for it! Do we want that? Does the UN really want that? The UN accuses Congress of poor timing without ever realizing it's poor planning on their own part. It was Benjamin Franklin who once said, "Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue." The moral poverty of this world is epitomized by the lack of spirit and virtue of many who the UN says they represent. Isn't it time they own up to their real agenda? At this time in history when much of civilization is on the brink of eternal damnation, the UN could be a great ally of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and a Congress that seeks liberty and justice for all! With just over a year before the New Millennium, the UN and the world are at a crossroads and only the Cross points in the right direction!

Michael Cain, editor