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THURSDAY      October 22, 1998      SECTION ONE       vol 9, no. 207

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Purgatory!

      In preparation for All Saints Day and All Souls Day in less than two weeks we begin a three-part series on IN COMMUNION WITH THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS with an explanation of the cycle of the Communion of Saints. There are many who try to debunk the concept of Purgatory just as there are those who don't believe in the existence of hell. Padre Pio said it best for those who don't believe such a place exists: "You'll know it's true when you get there!" But as members of the Church Militant we still have the chance to right things here so we can either bypass Purgatory all together or spend as little time as possible there before graduating to the summa cum laude of eternity! For the Eighty-first installment of this on-going megaseries, click on WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?.
Installment Eighty-one

The Thirty-Seventh Clarion:
part one:

"So we, the many, are one body in Christ,
but severally members of one another."

Romans 12: 5

"Far too many respond only with their lips, allowing their hearts to become silent tombs."

     Those are the words from the Blessed Mother Mary in message 245 to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart, which we bring you today and which, for one of the few times during the year coincides with the same time of year six years ago. Our Lady in both messages assures us no matter how steep our Calvary is, she will be there with us just as she was there for her Divine Son Jesus but we have to pray with the heart and keep our mouths closed and our ears open. For messages 244 and 245, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

Messages Two Hundred Forty-four and Two Hundred Forty-five

Message Two Hundred Forty-four, October 21, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

Message Two Hundred Forty-five, October 25, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)


     Today and tomorrow we observe the Twenty-ninth Thursday and Twenty-ninth Friday in Ordinary Time, plus the Feast of Saint John of Capistrano, priest, religious and missionary. For today and tomorrow's liturgies, meditations and vignettes on Friday's saint, click on LITURGY FOR THE DAY.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Friday, October 23, 1998

Feast of Saint John of Capistrano, Priest, Religious and Missionary


     Today's prayer is in honor of the poor souls in Purgatory. When one prays this prayer from the heart countless souls are released from Purgatory at God's will. It is an excellent way as members of the Church Militant to fulfill our role in the Communion of Saints:

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son Jesus in union with all the Masses said throughout the world today; for the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, in my home and in my family. Amen.

September 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

   Dear children! Today, I call you to become my witnesses by living the faith of your fathers. Little children, you seek signs and messages and do not see that, with every morning sunrise, God calls you to convert and to return to the way of truth and salvation. You speak much, little children, but you work little on your conversion. That is why, convert and start to live my messages, not with your words but with your life. In this way, little children, you will have the strength to decide for the true conversion of the heart. Thank you for having responded to my call

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October 22, 1998 volume 9, no. 207   DAILY CATHOLIC