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WEDNESDAY      October 14, 1998      SECTION TWO       vol 9, no. 201

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      Today is the Twenty-eighth Wednesday in Ordinary Time and the Feast of Pope Saint Calixtus I, Martyr while tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin, Religious and Doctor of the Church. For the readings, liturgies and meditations, and story on the above saints, click on LITURGY

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Feast of Pope Saint Callixtus I, Martyr

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin, Religious and Doctor of the Church


      Today's Prayer is taken from the Opening Prayer of the Mass commemorating the martyrdom of Pope Saint Calixtus I:

God of Mercy, hear the prayers of Your people that we may be helped by St. Callistus, whose martyrdom we celebrate with joy

WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant

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      SANTIAGO, Chile ( - Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano on Sunday closed the five-day long Gathering of Youth in the Americas by requesting young Catholics not to fear "either Christian ideals or the moral teaching of the Church."

      During the closing Mass at Santiago's horse racetrack, Cardinal Sodano told the nearly 500,000 youth from throughout North and South America, "We must not fear, but instead accept with courage the Christian ideals and live with generosity all the moral consequences of the Gospel." He added, "The time has arrived: this is the time to choose Christ and leave behind any moral relativism and the lack of an identity."

      The Mass, which followed a vigil that started on Saturday evening, was the second largest gathering in Chile's history, next to Pope John Paul II's visit in 1983. "Your task is to go to those youth who are living a moral relativism and the dramatic void that it produces," said Cardinal Sodano. "This void explains the different evils that attack today's youth: escapism, drugs, a distorted sexuality, and the lack of a personal motivation of life," he added. The cardinal also exhorted youth to follow Christ and discover "each one's own vocation, either priesthood, consecrated life, or marriage according to God's plans."

      During the vigil, a video with a message from the Pope to the participants was broadcast, in which the Holy Father expressed regret for not being physically present, but assured "my spiritual presence is with all of you." He also expressed his hope that Catholic youth will help in making Jesus "better known, better loved and better proclaimed in America."

      "Dear youth, let yourselves be guided by the Spirit of the Lord. Fear not! I know that in your heart exists a strong desire for service and solidarity," he said. "Let us work so that from one end of the Continent to the other many youth, following the example of so many American saints, may be willing to leave everything for the love of Christ and to follow him as missionaries of the Gospel! This is the day and the moment to give Christ a total 'yes' and build with him the new history of America," the Pope concluded.


      CONYERS, Georgia ( - Thousands of Catholics gathered on a farm in rural Georgia on Tuesday in anticipation of a reported apparition of the Virgin Mary to a woman who claims to have spoken with the Mother of Christ since 1983.

      Nancy Fowler, 47, has said that this apparition will be the last she will receive. Over the past seven years, thousands of believers and curious have gathered on the farm each October 13, the anniversary of the final apparition in Fatima, Portugal, for a special message for the world. "I understand from Our Lady that next year will be the last of her public messages," Fowler said last year. "His Mother said my life will continue, but the public messages will come to an end." Before 1994, the messages were given monthly.

      Archbishop James Lyke of Atlanta has expressed caution during the purported apparition, telling diocesan priests that they may not celebrate Mass at the site and saying parishes may not sponsor pilgrimages. But he did allow for individual Catholics to continue to go there. Last year, 30,000 people showed, and local police expect between 100,000 and 150,000 this year, which would be the largest crowd ever.


      LIMA, Peru ( - Although Latin America will hold half of the world's Catholics by 2010, the Church in the region is still unable to generate the financial support to cover her needs. But with the support of a Swiss-based Catholic foundation, some Latin American episcopates are willing to change that.

      "Even though a large number of the population is poor, Catholics in the region are in a condition to at least provide for the Church's needs," Peter Robinson, the New York-born director of the Arguidius Foundation, which has been providing financial assistance to Latin American episcopates since the early 1960's, said this week. Robinson has been touring Latin American countries to promote the creation of local campaigns aimed to generate structures of stewardship.

      The campaign aims to achieve economic autonomy for each bishops' conference in the region with the participation of lay Catholics, preferably local entrepreneurs. Once a consistent stewardship project is designed and a board of directors secures the project's efficiency, the Arguidius Foundation commits itself to provide half the amount needed to launch it.

      So far, the episcopates of Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile have launched their own project sponsored by Arguidius, while Peru and Mexico have advanced the dioceses of Callao and Torreon, respectively, as pilot projects. "Our goal is to promote a new mentality of efficient management and accountability that will maximize material resources, while providing a transparency that would encourage rank and file Catholics to give more," says Robinson. "Besides, we believe that the culture of donation or tithing can only be fostered with the promotion of a spirituality of sharing, because giving to the Church is basically a spiritual responsibility."


      PARIS ( - France's Prime Minister Lionel Jospin said on Monday that the controversial bill to give the same legal rights to unmarried couples that married couples now enjoy will be passed despite a setback in the National Assembly last week.

      Jospin said the ruling Socialist Party will make sure that all of its deputies are present when the "civil solidarity pact" (PACS) bill is resubmitted next month. The conservative opposition took advantage of the absence of many Socialist deputies when the bill was presented last Friday and quickly pushed through a resolution to knock it off the agenda. "This time, I think a majority to pass the bill will be guaranteed. We will have lost only a few weeks," Jospin said.

      The controversial bill has been decried by opposition parties and the Catholic Church who fear it will be disrupt the fabric of society. Under the proposed law, unmarried heterosexual or homosexual couples will be able to register with the government and receive the right to file joint tax returns, receive social welfare payments, and inherit common property. The current version does not allow the couples to adopt children.

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October 14, 1998 volume 9, no. 201   DAILY CATHOLIC