DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN     May 8-10, 1998     vol. 9, no. 90


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In preparation there is unity at Mother of Unity web site

          This being the Blessed Mother Mary's special month of May and with more and more anticipation that his holiness John Paul II is nearing the time when he will declare the dogma of Mary - the Final Dogma - as Advocate, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix of all graces, we would like to feature a sight that offers an interesting concept to much of what has been prophesied in Sacred Scripture and foretold by Our Lady in private revelation. The subject matter of this unique site is one we should all take very seriously and very much to heart. The sight is called Mother of Unity at www.mary-mother-of-unity-com" and operated by a dedicated cenacle out of Connecticut who claim Father Bill McCarthy, head of My Father's House in Moodus, CT as their spiritual director and guide. We can attest to Fr. Bill's authenticity and expertise in this endeavor. We first met him in 1990 in Medjugorje and he wrote a column for nearly five years for our publication before space constraints prevented us from carrying extra columnists. We've had the privilege of spending some time at his retreat center and he has a spiritual insight into so many things, especially the subject which is covered by this site. That, in actuality is the Warning prophesied at Garabandal and the scenario of what we as individuals and as evangelizers will do. Even though they do not mention the word Warning or make reference to Garabandal, it is one and the same. Their nomenclature throughout is "A Judgment in miniature." Their approach is very commendable for it tells of everything positive, yet does not gloss over the severity of the situation and the necessary preparations that must be done. In other words, when we get lemons, make lemonade. And the potion they mix is an excellent exercise in spirituality that we all need to begin living immediately.

         The home page is beautifully designed and simple, with an inspiring head shot of Our Lady of Tijalina on the left above the table of contents. The first thing they point you to is a description of what we'll experience when God delivers His Divine Mercy in the form of the Warning - when all will know the state of our soul just as God sees us. There will be no more pretense, no more fooling ourselves or others. It is the ultimate Merciful gift He can give us: a second chance! And what we do with that "second chance" is the next issue this site deals with in expert detail, laying out an outline for what we need to do as individuals. Finally, there is, what they call "A Judgment in Miniature" which is another detailed program at the parish level to prepare each parish for the expected influx of converts who will return to Holy Mother Church when they realize the error of their ways through the Warning or illumination of our souls. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit and Father Bill, they outline an excellent blueprint for preparation at the parish level from training more CCD teachers now and preparing prayer groups to establishing adoration, benediction, the Rosary on a regular basis, the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well as devotions such as First Fridays and First Saturdays in anticipation of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. There are so many items listed that it serves as an excellent compendium of "how to prepare" that should be adopted in every diocese and filtered down to the flocks as soon as possible. Father Bill writes a succinct and inspiring forward and from there are detailed points - each spokes in this wheel of preparation. At the hub of all this is total submission to the Will of God. One spoke deals with the Sacrament of Penance in such detail that even devoted and committed Catholics can gain something new from the points raised in tweaking our consciences. For someone who has been away from the confessional for quite some time, the section on Reconciliation will take much of the fear of the unknown away. It is excellently laid out in chronological form. Several of the "spokes" are excellent summaries of catechetical and dogmatic teaching such as the Truth of the Faith and the page on the Holy Eucharist so that all realize without a doubt Who they are truly receiving at Holy Communion. They list the main prayers recognized by the Church, the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Devotion to Divine Mercy including the Works of Mercy and background on the devotion and Blessed Sister Faustina Kowalska as well as resources where one can learn more. There is a detailed page on how all Catholics can become more involved in helping to end abortion, beginning with prayer and Holy Mass. Finally, there is a parish form one can fill out, but this was really the only negative for the form is not only too long, but cannot be e-mailed anywhere or filled out as a form in cgi script. In fact, there's no mention what to do with the form and it would seem it is only an example to submit to the pastors to have reproduced for other parishioners. In this, most every parish already provides and it would seem unnecessary. They do offer the full packet in a loose-leaf binder in English and Spanish for a price which parishes or individuals can order, but all the information they really need is already on the site or already implemented in the parishes and just needs reinforcing.

         As we mentioned above, the site is extremely easy to navigate and follows an easy-to-understand order. Graphics are simple but stunning including the frame format star-studded rosary effect on the left side of each page as the gold bleeds into the white background. You can hardly get lost in this impressive site which actually provides more than meets the eye. For their content and intent, we therefore present our GOLDEN CHALICE AWARD to the Mother of Unity website, conferring SEVEN Hail Mary's to this site whose developers are doing all Jesus has asked and all His Holy Mother has conveyed in every one of her apparitions and messages in modern time.

May 8-10, 1998       volume 9, no. 90


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