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          These Lessons/Meditations are a numerical series of 100 instructions given to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart over the time period of January 6, 1995 to March 1, 1995 (Ash Wednesday). Though there are a few of these Lessons/Meditations from Our Lady, the majority are from Jesus Himself. He asks that these simple messages with deep theological insight be called "THE HIDDEN WAY" for it is in being truly hidden - obedient, humble little ones - that we are lifted up with Him in sharing His Passion and ultimately His glory. He asks that we hide ourselves in His wounds and there meditate upon His Passion and Death, contemplating upon His words in Matthew, "for there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor secret that shall not be known" so that through discernment and meditation we can be drawn closer to the Triune Divinity and understand more clearly the role each of us is to play in His Plan of Salvation for ourselves and others. Only by immersing ourselves in Christ can we understand this as the words from the prayer "Anima Christi" - the essence of the salvific nature of Christ's Passion and Death - states: "O Good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me...so that hidden in Your Most Sacred Wounds, I may quickly come to great holiness for love of Thee." This is the essence of these special Lessons/Meditations including Lesson/Meditation #84 from Our Lord below.

Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart


Lesson Meditation #84

(Imparted on February 12, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)
          Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, say now the "Our Father", commending all into My Care, for I will help those whose hearts are open to Me, because My Love has no limit. Therefore, be at Peace and pray!

          Today, I wish to recall to the minds of all My children those virtues which My One True Church teaches. These are the Cardinal Virtues, or Moral Virtues, upon which all other virtues hinge. I solemnly tell you that in these end times you are a generation that no longer recognizes virtue, nor do you now what true morality is. Thus, you are easy prey for satan who turns virtue to vice, and tempts you to sin by living in an amoral manner.

          The first of the chief moral or cardinal virtues is named PRUDENCE. Prudence is that facet of your intellect, properly connected to the intellect of your soul, which illuminates judgments you are obligated to make in your daily duties.

          I speak not about judgmentalness, but about proper judgment on your part that assists you in doing, thinking and saying what is right before Me, and that which is wrong.

          The cardinal virtue of holy prudence is that guidance of the Holy Spirit which helps you to distinguish right from wrong at all times, so as to keep your conscience ever in My Light and My Truth.

          To you I have bestowed the gift of free will, and it is for you a precious gift if you use this free will with Prudence. Prudence is that virtue which acts as a system of checks against your weak human nature.

          Today, you do not recognize prudence nor do you cultivate it! Rather, blinded by satan's lies you succumb immediately to the weakness of your humanity, and pay heed to its demands, its incessant cravings for pleasure. You are victims of rationalization, rather than bearers of holy prudence.

          The virtue of which I, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ speak, is that of second-thought. First you are inclined toward a certain thought. The thought then forms more fully and demands from you expression in thought, word or deed. But if holy prudence is alive in your soul, the thought, with its word or deed of action, is first sifted and filtered by the Light of Truth. Prudence demands a full reckoning of the proposed thought, word and deed. It is, My little children, as if Prudence presents all to Me to examine, and to judge. Then, having been presented to Me, your God, Prudence, as a wise and holy mother, returns the thought and following action to you, with the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity, or the awareness that this thought which seeks action is contrary to My Law and must be fought against by prayer and sacrifice.

          I have created and endowed each of you with graces and gifts unique to you. But in every soul I seek to place Prudence so that at all times and in all things the lower passions of the human ego do not dominate the superior passions of the soul.

          Behold, little ones, the world as a whole; behold your own particular country, community, and family. Examine all with the Light and grace of the Holy Spirit, and discover if Prudence is alive, or if it is suffocated by the spiritual darkness of these end times.

          Look closely at your own life and thoroughly examine your conscience. Do you seek to be acceptable by worldly standards? Do you insist upon bodily comforts and neglect the life of your soul? Do you rebuke any who speak openly in praise of My Name because to hear them would re-awaken in you the virtue of Prudence?

          I do solemnly tell you, o world, that you have gone so far away from Me that My Voice is no longer heard by your soul. Where My Voice is absent, there is no Prudence. Where I Am not, the opposite of virtue, which is vice, reigns, and vice is from satan and your own ego, pride, selfishness, laziness, greed, lust, envy and jealousy.

          If Prudence were alive in your soul My church would be filled at every moment with My children who would not wish to be separated from Me. The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass would be for you a treasure so dear you could not do without it. The Sacraments would be for you great and priceless gifts of which you would partake daily, and prayer would flow from your heart in reverence, praise, honor and adoration of Me.

          My churches have become an abomination before Me, for My children enter into this holy place unmindful of where they are and why, because Prudence does not guide them. Therefore, they mock Me; their attitude lashes Me, and their lukewarmness scourges Me. Prudence is that virtue which enables the soul to thirst for Me, while living and walking each step of your earthly journey in faith. Prudence directs the soul to sound and proper reverence of and for Me, and Prudence hears not the scornful mockery of the world.

          O! Hear Me, My children. Put on the virtue of Prudence which is My gift of grace through the Holy Spirit. Prudence dwells in the core of your soul and so generous is Prudence that is struggles daily to subdue all unruly human passions and desires.

          Seek then the virtue of Prudence in these end times, My children, for from it shall spring My Light in the time of spiritual darkness so that you will not lose your way.

          Prudence is from Me. It leads you to Me. It is a beacon in this the time of chaos and confusion. Prudence is a weapon, a shield, a guide and protector of the many holy virtues I seek you to adorn your soul with.

          Learn from prayer, and by an enlivened conscience, if Prudence is alive in your spiritual life, seek the virtue at all times. With Holy Prudence The Holy Spirit guides, and you shall be prepared for My Coming, as I have told you so often.

          This is My Will for you. Be Prudent, lest the evil one ensnare you.

          I love and bless each of you. Receive My Peace! Prepare prudently, for I Come!

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May 5, 1998       volume 9, no. 87


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