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The Golden Rule has been replaced by the Godless rules.

          In a follow-up to our thought-provoking editorial yesterday, we want to delve more into the causes that are creating this atmosphere of violence and danger in the world today. The headlines are full of fire lately. Have you noticed? From the unchecked fires in Mexico smothering that poor country and stifling the air in Texas and the Southeast, to spouting volcanoes around the globe, to guns spouting their deadly fire into children and adults alike, to the verbal assault that issues forth in our media, there's smoke adrift over this planet earth. Your backyard may, for the moment, be free of the physical smoke of fires or bullets, but is it free of the smoke that comes from unchecked anger, prejudice, hatred, verbal abuse and the like? This editor, seeing the televised images of the smoke on the horizon over Texas, can't help but reflect on this "smoke" and realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that, in a mystical sense, the "Son" is already darkened, and the sun itself may truly be darkened, if the fire within man's heart doesn't start burning with love rather than with hate and deception.

          In a sense, the many fires which destroy land, crops, trees and the like are but a symbol of the real smoke of hatred that feeds upon itself through the media's clever ploys to brainwash us, desensitize us, harden our hearts and minds and make our souls die, through the ever-present use of violence and every immorality that mankind has ever known. These last months, not to mention these last weeks, have brought to the forefront the hideous, unimaginable deaths of children at the hands of other children. Guns have been the weapons of mortal death. However, think about it. Didn't the deaths of those who perpetrated these crimes not begin with the death of conscience, the death of the soul? Is it not proper, at this time, for all of us to re-evaluate our conscience, the state of our soul, and to ask ourselves whether we, too, are a victim of this "smoke" of hatred or apathy that blazes forth finally in gunfire? Where has all this hatred, loathing, and defiance of order come from? Has it always been present or has it ultimately just reached a new maturity - a new low in journalistic standards - by finding a welcome home on the front page of every local newspaper and blaring on the radio and always visible on the television? Hatred is not new. We know this. We know it from the Sacred Scripture, when Adam and Eve sinned, when murder, revenge, and vengeance spread through the human race. Yet, Jesus Christ, Who died hideously for the sins of all mankind, came to erase such crimes, came to show us a new way, the only way, to eternal life. But, after nearly two millenniums we have to ask if mankind has learned this invaluable lesson? Apparently not! In this so-called Enlightened Age where technology has advanced more in the last fifteen years than it did in the previous ten millenniums, we are supposed to be more sophisticated, more intelligent, more savvy, more street-smart, etc. We are better equipped to deal with "violence" for we have sophisticated police departments keeping watch; we have security systems in our homes to keep intruders out. We have security everywhere we go, even to the mall. Moreover, to what purpose? Has crime really diminished? This editor begs to differ with the statistics thrown at us through the media. In these media reports, we are led to believe that overall violent crimes are "down" in this country. Yet, every day there is another report of violence and a good number of them involves one child against another child, or against parental authority that prompts acts of violence. This is alarming for two reasons. First, to have children of tender years thrust into violence because of the death of conscience and soul is a matter to make us all quake in our boots. Secondly, this is the cunning road Adolf Hitler took in his own country before World War II. How many German children, brainwashed by his diatribes, turned on parents, on kinsfolk, all for the sake of this tyrant who, at best, was insane in mind, if not in soul. We don't talk much about this aspect of World War II. In fact, it somehow gets lost behind the media's rapture with the Holocaust. However, that Hitler turned the youth to him, and away from family and moral values is a proven fact. The majority of those Jews and, yes, Catholics, who were persecuted in the death camps and met their end at the end of a gas hose that were ultimately disposed of in the giant ovens of Dachau, Auschwitz and that ilk, the majority were turned into Nazi authorities by youth. That is shocking in itself. Rather than respecting the elderly, the family man, they chose to take the "easy road" by cow-towing to the Third Reich's rhetoric and the promise of a super race. No matter how it is remembered in history, the deaths of most of those in the holocaust, must be answered for at the great trial to come - not another Nuremburg, but rather the Final Judgment!

          We can look at this from a distance and judge with our own perspective, our own prejudices, but remember, if we don't learn - beware: history always repeats itself. And it is taking that course today. In fact the course of history has been changed so dramatically in the curriculum history and sociology books that a true student of history wouldn't recognize all the fiction being bandied about! One of the most alarming aspects of this is that the Roman Catholic Church, a main hub, albeit sometimes a cog, in history from the early first century through today, is slowly but surely either disappearing in the annals of these text books or being altered to look like the great enemy of all that was good. Culturism, something the Church promoted so faithfully and blended with the liturgy and the lands inhabited, has become the end rather than the means. African history has snuffed out European history in so many schools that one wouldn't even know King Richard the Lionheart from Little Richard. Now Asian and Moslem forces are trying to forge their history into the school curriculums and administrators are caving in to their demands. History is being altered so badly that one wouldn't recognize their true roots with so many mutant accounts overriding the truth. Take a close look at your school's curriculum. Look carefully at the text books of your child. Are the schools not using the same tactics as Hitler employed? Oh, not in the same "fiery fuhrer" way, but in an even more dangerous, insidious way than that evil man of a half century ago. That is quite a condemnation of today's education system, but, folks, sadly, it is the truth! Even in the Catholic schools, how much Catholicism are the students receiving? Very little. When our sons were attending a Catholic grade school in their early primary years in San Diego there was only one Mass a month for the entire student body! Crucifixes were taken down off the walls of the classrooms becasue, as one teacher told us at a PTA meeting, "it would be too traumatic on the children." Our response to that, besides bull----, was to take them out immediately and begin teaching them the Seton Home Curriculum which incorporates the faith into every subject so that the children don't just learn their faith, they live it! That is what the Catholic schools across this great land need to do, go back to the roots - back to basics. But, sadly, they are saddled with so many regulations forced on them by the government because of government assistance and grants that their hands are tied. They have had to compromise the standard of learning and, by doing so, have compromised the faith.

         Look when this first began. Shortly after Vatican II when the Lay movement basically pushed the nuns out and put a tremendous financial crunch on the parishes and dioceses. True, some of the good, holy pious sisters needed to be retired for some were downright mean, even vindictive. But the majority of these nuns were not only faithful to the Church, but held as their primary goal that little Johnny or Mary were going to grow up to be good, responsible Catholics who knew their faith, who knew right from wrong. That no longer exists as the Golden rule has been replaced by the Godless rule. Tomorrow we will continue with the second part of this diatribe about why the Son is being blotted out by the black fire of satan's cunning agenda that has fooled so many into believing that the Golden Rule has been replaced by the Godless rules.

Michael Cain, editor

May 28, 1998       volume 9, no. 103
Today's Catholic Pewpoint Editorial


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