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          These Lessons/Meditations are a numerical series of 100 instructions given to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart over the time period of January 6, 1995 to March 1, 1995 (Ash Wednesday). Though there are a few of these Lessons/Meditations from Our Lady, the majority are from Jesus Himself. He asks that these simple messages with deep theological insight be called "THE HIDDEN WAY" for it is in being truly hidden - obedient, humble little ones - that we are lifted up with Him in sharing His Passion and ultimately His glory. He asks that we hide ourselves in His wounds and there meditate upon His Passion and Death, contemplating upon His words in Matthew, "for there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor secret that shall not be known" so that through discernment and meditation we can be drawn closer to the Triune Divinity and understand more clearly the role each of us is to play in His Plan of Salvation for ourselves and others. Only by immersing ourselves in Christ can we understand this as the words from the prayer "Anima Christi" - the essence of the salvific nature of Christ's Passion and Death - states: "O Good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me...so that hidden in Your Most Sacred Wounds, I may quickly come to great holiness for love of Thee." This is the essence of these special Lessons/Meditations including Lesson/Meditation #87 from Our Lord below.

Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart


Lesson Meditation #87

(Imparted on February 16, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)
          Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I love you. Be at Peace. I guide you, and all for whom I have asked you to pray. Trust in Me, for I will be your All.

          On this night which has brought you to interior contemplation, I will speak to all of My Children now on that final Cardinal Virtue of TEMPERANCE.

          Let us look at Temperance as a heavenly scale placed within your immortal soul and watched over by the Holy Spirit. While the Holy Spirit is guardian of Temperance, the conscience is attuned to My Will, the soul continually tips the scale toward Me.

          What occurs, my little children, if you do not possess this holy scale of Temperance, which must exist in your soul? What do you do? How do you remain steadfast in a world that is ceaselessly changing?

          O! I solemnly tell you that the soul that lacks Temperance is like a teeter-totter upon which every thug and bully will play; a teeter-totter swayed this way and that by wind currents, and every movement of nature. There is no balance to a soul deprived of Temperance, only a constant swaying until the soul is thrown into such disarray that, dizzy and confused, it collapses because it has lost Me.

          Upon each of you, My children, I have endowed you with holy senses of sight, touch, sound, taste and feel. All of these human senses are intended by Me to lead you to Me, your Creator. Over all your senses is your intellect, which you greatly prize. This human intelligence is most certainly a marvelous gift and power from Me, but it is so finite and fallible if you were to compare it to Me that you would never grasp your insignificance. Therefore, I bless and give to each of My children, Holy Temperance.

          Like the well-balanced scale the virtue of Temperance disposes your human senses and ego and intellect to judge your desires, thoughts, deeds, words all in My Light which is the ballast of Temperance.

          Temperance is that virtue which recognizes that all I have created is good, and good fruit can come forth only if the creature uses the created thing for Me, In Me, through Me and with Me. There is, then, a balance whereby the abrupt impulses of your weakened human nature are viewed in the divine enlightenment of The Holy Spirit and having been "weighed" against the Divine Will, the soul prompts the person to proceed or to cease the thought, word or deed about to be undertaken.

          It is Holy Temperance which teaches the ardent soul proper zeal in loving Me. Temperance separates holy zeal and ardor for Me from fanaticism which always has its roots in self-love and is intertwined in satan's lies.

          Temperance is a mediator between the soul who seeks and practices Temperance against the soul which lacks in this virtue. Temperance is a kind teacher to the ignorant, for Temperance, refined by holy charity, disposes the person to lead all souls unto Me, for My honor and glory alone.

          It is Temperance which helps the soul to set in place its spiritual house, and thus helps the person to rightly order his life around Me. Temperance is gratitude for all My gifts, graces and blessings, and it seeks to use these gifts prudently for love of Me and of one's neighbor.

          Therefore, dear children, as these end times continue, I do solemnly tell you: By your continued prayers and mortifications, by being humble little obedient children who partake in the full Sacramental Life of My Church, you will know Temperance and because its resting place is The Holy Spirit, you shall not be led astray, but shall persevere in the One True Faith!

          Pray for this virtue! Desire it. Cultivate It and learn to hear its whispered warnings when you are led into temptation.

          Be children of Holy Temperance and I, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, shall not abandon you even when the spiritual darkness shall seem to devour the world. Temperance will help you in being patient, and in trusting in Me. For I Who Am, Come! The moment is at hand. Let all men hear and respond, for I, your God, desire your eternal salvation!

          Learn Temperance and you will possess My Peace, know My Mercy and taste My Infinite Love.


May 26, 1998       volume 9, no. 101


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