DAILY CATHOLIC    FRI-SAT-SUN     May 15-17, 1998     vol. 9, no. 95


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Historical Events in Church Annals for May 15:

  • 884 A.D.
    Death of Pope Marinus I, 108th successor of Peter. There was strong suspicion he was poisoned after trying to solve quarrels between the feuding Italians.

  • 1130 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Isidore, Patron Saint of Farmers. He died in Madrid, Spain, the same city where he was born and lived. Though he was extremely poor, he shared all he could with all. His wife is also a saint - Saint Maria de la Cabeza. He was known for having performed numerous miracles.

  • 1213 A.D.
  • King John of England submits to Pope Innocent III. The supreme pontiff had earlier excommunicated him, but lifted that when John agreed to amend his ways as a person and monarch.

  • 1508 A.D.
  • Pope Julius II leads the Papal States army, aligned with France, Spain and Germany and soundly defeated the City of Venice which he had excommunicated on April 27th of the same year.

  • 1559 A.D.
  • Tough, uncompromising Pope Paul IV summonded the bishops of England to take an oath to the supremacy of Rome, but the English monarch stalled the efforts.

  • 1572 A.D.
  • Cardinal Ugo Boncompagni becomes the 226th successor of Peter and takes the name Pope Gregory XIII following in the footsteps of Pope Saint Pius V. From this pontiff we get the Gregorian Calendar which he revised.


Historical Events in Church Annals for May 16:

  • 578 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Brendan, the Irish saint who was known as "the Voyager" for his many sailing expeditions including a seven-year journey to what he called the "Land of Promise" and which he documented in his epic saga Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis.

  • 1265 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Simon Stock, the Carmelite to whom the Blessed Mother bestowed the the Brown Scapular promising salvation to all who wore it. Born in Kent, England, he died in Bordeaux, France while traveling to various monasteries as superior general of the Carmelites.

  • 1532 A.D.
  • Saint Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor of England because he cannot abide by King Henry VIII's apostasy.


Historical Events in Church Annals for May 17:

  • 352 A.D.
  • Pope Saint Liberius becomes the 36th successor of Peter. Throughout his papacy he was shadowed by the Arian heresy and Arian sympathizers who elected the antipope Felix II. It was St. Liberius who laid the foundations for the Basilica of Saint Mary Major tracing out the perimeter of the church in the snow after a miraculous snowfall on August 15 in Rome. This is where Our Lady of Snows originated.

  • 884 A.D.
  • Pope Saint Adrian III becomes the 109th successor of Peter. Little is known of this holy pontiff who died a year and a half later on his journey to San Cesario on his way to France at the invitation of Charles the Gross.

  • 1198 A.D.
  • Frederick II Hohenstaufen is crowned King of Sicily at the tender age of four. His mother would turn him over as a ward of the Vatican court but he would come back to be a true thorn in the Holy See throughout his life as well as his son Conrad and grandson Conradin the last of the Hohenstaufen line.

  • 1592 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Pascal Baylon, a Franciscan Lay Brother who was purported to have supernatural gifts. He is the patron saint of Eucharistic confraternities and congresses.

May 15-17, 1998       volume 9, no. 95


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