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The Triumph: Anticipation or Apathy?

          Everyone knows that today is the eighty-first anniversary of the very first apparition at Fatima when Our Blessed Mother first appeared to the children Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia. Lucia, today a nun in recluse, is the only one still alive. It was a momentous occasion and the messages Our Lady imparted to these children over the next several months which culminated on October 13 with the miraculous spinning of the sun bode both ill for the future and great hope. The ill which Mary foretold was, of course, the Second World War and communism which would stifle Russia and much of the eastern world. The Blessed Virgin also said something that has reverberated through the century and the echoes are gaining steam as we near the third millennium: "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph." It is the promise of Heaven that has kept hope alive in so many hearts in the face of a mounting apathy and cold-heartedness. It has also provoked a steady amount of speculation about the "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart."

         What does this statement mean, especially today when across the globe the Mother of God is appearing to fewer and fewer visionaries as she pares back the messages she has been imparting to numerous visionaries and countless locutionists throughout the world? What does it all mean? Our Lady has tried time and again to expand on what she emphasized at Fatima, then Beauraing, Amsterdam, Garabandal, Akita, Betania, Medjugorje, and beyond. At each she has spoken of a time when her Immaculate Heart will triumph. But the prophecy of the Triumph didn't begin at Fatima. It began even as early as the Old Testament when God told His people through His prophets that the Woman clothed with the Sun, a crown of twelve stars upon her head, standing upon the moon, would crush the serpent, who is, of course, satan. After countless centuries this biblical passage remains a cause of division and misinterpretation. Is the woman the Church? Is she the Mother of God? Is she merely a symbol? And if the latter, then a symbol of what? There are seemingly so many questions. Where, then, are the answers?

          It would seem, as we near the millennium, that many people around the world are suffering from a good dose of doubt, of perplexity, all enveloped in confusion. This is evident in every Marian center throughout the country as the number of the faithful, who once supported these centers so faithfully, have dwindled to a mere handful, forcing many to abandon their apostolate, or to restructure their ministry by cutting costs in order to continue on a shoestring. This says something about the Triumph for those who believe, even though they do not know the answers, are the real soul of God's faithful army. The multitude of those who once believed, because they sought answers from God via His many chosen messengers, have now fallen by the wayside because they did not understand the messages of Heaven correctly to begin with, and expected something from God that He never intended for us, His children. And another large number are those who do not seek to truly live the messages from Heaven via Jesus or His Blessed Mother. Rather, they have become "message chasers" or "message junkies" as we treated in yesterday's editorial. They are those souls who so hunger for knowledge of the future that they read only to seek a blueprint of what is yet to come, so they can somehow avoid the catastrophes in this life, avoid the crosses, while feathering their nests, so to speak, for their entrance into Eternal LIfe. This latter portion of the once-strong Marian movement do not understand that no one messenger is more important than another, nor is one place more holy than another place. They do not understand that the messages from around the world - those truly of God - all basically say the same thing: Fast, Pray, Convert your heart, go to Mass, receive the Sacraments worthily - Prepare! Is this not what our Heavenly Mother told the children, and through them, the entire world at Fatima? Isn't this exactly what she has been telling the visionaries at Medjugorje for nearly seventeen years? Isn't this the essence of her messages to her countless souls God has chosen as locutionists, mystics and visionaries in these special times? Aren't the messages the same in content as they were at Rue de Bac, Lourdes, LaSalette and others?

         Surely, so many rationalize, there is more; much more; and they search tirelessly, going here and there, reading this locutionist, that visionary, and forgetting about the messages from locutionists or visionaries who have fulfilled their mission for God and whose messages to the world have come to an end, because their curiosity has not yet been satisfied. That Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph has been foretold and promised by God in both Sacred Scripture and in private revelation. No matter how much we hunt for answers, no matter how much we doubt or grow lukewarm, nothing will change the finality of God's Will - the Triumph of His Mother's Immaculate Heart. Because we have not listened, we have not understood through the grace of the Holy Spirit what the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart means.

         In tomorrow's editorial we will bring you five little-known but pertinent prophecies Our Lady imparted to Saint Bernadette Soubirous which the holy visionary confided to Pope Leo XIII in 1879. They were lost by the Vatican for over a century but discovered in an iron box in the bowels of the Vatican Library by Father Antoine LaGrande recently. Four of the prophecies have already been fulfilled, the fifth deals with the Triumph and fits the timetable Our Lady has indicated to many messengers including Father Don Stefano Gobbi. Tomorrow we shall reveal those prophecies. How the people take it and respond in sharing with others through evangelization will determine if the watchword for the Triumph is Anticipation or Apathy!

Michael Cain, editor

May 13, 1998       volume 9, no. 93
Today's Catholic Pewpoint Editorial


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