DAILY CATHOLIC    TUESDAY     May 12, 1998     vol. 9, no. 92


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          These Lessons/Meditations are a numerical series of 100 instructions given to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart over the time period of January 6, 1995 to March 1, 1995 (Ash Wednesday). Though there are a few of these Lessons/Meditations from Our Lady, the majority are from Jesus Himself. He asks that these simple messages with deep theological insight be called "THE HIDDEN WAY" for it is in being truly hidden - obedient, humble little ones - that we are lifted up with Him in sharing His Passion and ultimately His glory. He asks that we hide ourselves in His wounds and there meditate upon His Passion and Death, contemplating upon His words in Matthew, "for there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor secret that shall not be known" so that through discernment and meditation we can be drawn closer to the Triune Divinity and understand more clearly the role each of us is to play in His Plan of Salvation for ourselves and others. Only by immersing ourselves in Christ can we understand this as the words from the prayer "Anima Christi" - the essence of the salvific nature of Christ's Passion and Death - states: "O Good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me...so that hidden in Your Most Sacred Wounds, I may quickly come to great holiness for love of Thee." This is the essence of these special Lessons/Meditations including Lesson/Meditation #85 from Our Lord below.

Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart


Lesson Meditation #85

(Imparted on February 14, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)
          Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I greet you with Love and strengthen you as you enter fully the path of redemptive suffering. Do not listen to the voices of others who tell you they know what is best for you. You are to be obedient to your Spiritual Director in all things, for his voice is Mine!

          Today I will continue on the chief moral or cardinal virtues which must be fertile in the souls of all My children. Without these virtues, My children, you cannot claim to be Mine, and all you do is of little value because you do it for yourself and not for Me.

          That Cardinal Virtue called JUSTICE is not complicated, though your world, your society, your laws and above all your ego have twisted this holy virtue into a complicated array of worldly rights and wrongs.

          In this, My children, you are victims again of satan's snares and your own weakness. This Cardinal Virtue, while it does deal with exterior 'things', is more developed in the soul which sees Justice on the supernatural, mystical level.

          In My earthly life I taught you to thank the Most Blessed Trinity for all graces and gifts received, and to acknowledge that all is given to you from the Providence of the Eternal Father. In this way, My children, you are constantly detaching yourself from "possessing" anything in the world, but 'treasuring' these worldly gifts as such-gifts from God Who watches over you in Love and Mercy.

          What then must you do to fulfill properly the Cardinal Virtue of Justice? You must follow all I have set before you in Sacred Scripture. If you are asked for a coat, willingly give your coat to he who asks, and believing in his need, offer even more.

          In your day of excess, many of My little ones possess a great abundance of material things., Thus, you must seriously reflect now upon all that you possess. Guided by Prudence and The Holy Spirit, you will more clearly discern that which is absolutely necessary for your own welfare, and that which exceeds true need and becomes for you a burden.

          When you have discerned that you have excess in many things, then Justice requires that you dispense of your excess in a charitable manner that is pleasing unto Me, your Lord, God and Savior.

          How many pairs of shoes do you truly need? How many changes of clothing? How many radios, televisions and other modern devices which give you leisure time that is spent idly and, often, sinfully because you do not find Me in your idleness.

          If you are truly mine, then the object of your Love requires you to cut off any and all attachments to worldly things that keep you from unity with Me. Further, holy Justice requires you to share fully of your goods with your brothers and sisters who have not received from Me as much as I have given to you.

          Justice that is animated by the Holy Spirit and thrives in your soul, prompts you to live in simplicity, trusting in My Providence, while you search eagerly to share your wealth of earthly riches with all who are in need.

          Then, elevated to the supernatural level, Holy Justice also prompts you to share fully in all the heavenly gifts and graces given you. Justice propels you to evangelize-to proclaim Me before all men. Justice seeks to give faith to him who lacks faith. It invites trust in him who so lacks Trust in Me, and above all and uniting all to Me, Holy Justice is the Divine Love in your soul that attracts others to Me because they are drawn to love.

          Holy Justice is not judgmental or self-righteous. The virtue of Holy Justice requires you to be lifted above all petty human notions of justice, and to view your brothers and sisters as My children to whom you seek to give whatever you can, so that they, too, may be satisfied.

          The Cardinal Virtue of Justice helps you to fulfill more perfectly those Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy about which I have already spoken, while at the same time enabling you to turn to Me for every thing of body and of soul, and allowing Me to guide you in the proper way in order to sustain the life of the mortal body while enriching the supernatural life of your immortal soul.

          Do not "posses" anyone or anything but Me! In this way you are free, and My Peace abides in you. View everything as a gift over which I have placed you as guardian on My behalf. When you do this, My Children, then the Virtue of Justice becomes for you a sublime act of charity and mercy, which consoles Me and causes Me to give to you in even greater abundance.

          Therefore, in these end times you must fully examine every aspect of your life and discern if you live a just and holy life. I solemnly tell you "Blessed is he who practices Justice, for he shall be a beacon of light in the spiritual darkness of the antichrist, and to him who is just the Mercy of God will be given, for I solemnly tell you yet again: "I Come!"


May 12, 1998       volume 9, no. 92


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