DAILY CATHOLIC    Tuesday     May 5, 1998     vol. 9, no. 87

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          NEW YORK (CWNews.com) - The Monday edition of the weekly newsmagazine US News & World Report features a cover story on the future papal succession, Pope John Paul II's influence on that future conclave, and Church politics that may also play a role.

          While the article ignores the indissolubility of doctrine when discussing women's ordination, contraception, abortion, and other issues, the magazine showed how the Holy Father's long reign as pope has given him the opportunity to name all but 16 of the cardinals eligible to vote in the next conclave. And rather than examining potential contenders for the papal throne which Vatican watchers say is a useless enterprise, US News instead examines the probable profile of the next pope: multilingual, non-European, in his mid-60s, and with curial experience.

          The article also delves into the rumors surrounding the Holy Father's health including hints of Parkinson's disease, while acknowledging official statements of curial officials and bishops outside Rome who say the Holy Father is in good health and fine humor for a 77-year-old man. US News quotes Msgr. Timothy Dolan, rector of the North American College in Rome, on the Pope's desire to lead the Church into the Third Millennium: "If the Lord were to call him home now, I think he'd have one upset man on his doorstep."

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May 5, 1998       volume 9, no. 87


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