DAILY CATHOLIC    FRI-SAT-SUN-MON     May 22-25, 1998     vol. 9, no. 100

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          MEXICO CITY (CWNews.com) - Before upcoming regional elections in 14 Mexican states and the beginning of the presidential campaign for 2000, two bishops on Thursday denounced the manipulation of the Catholic faith in some political campaigns that also include "vote shopping" among poor people.

          Archbishop Jose Trinidad Perez of Durango released a document entitled "Christian and Civic Behavior in Elections" in which he asked people to be "careful with some political groups that are trying to manipulate faith and poverty to get votes." The archbishop especially criticized political TV ads that use phrases related to Catholic customs such as "God bless you," "In Our Lord we wait," or "Thanks be to God" as political slogans.

          Meanwhile, the outspoken Bishop-emeritus Genaro Alamilla Arteaga of Papantla called on Catholics to reject what he called "vote shopping." "We have candidates that have been dreaming and even kissing in their dreams their congressional or governor's chair, and they are willing to do anything to fulfill their dream," said Bishop Alamilla, and he warned "that is not the kind of people we need in those chairs."

          He added, "We need people able to lead our country, to stop violence and lack of security, to curb poverty, and to promote social justice. But above all, they must be people capable of showing good will, high moral standards, prudence, and honesty."

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May 22-24, 1998       volume 9, no. 100


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