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vol, 9
no. 48

The "mouse that roared!" - CWN: the most reliable source for Catholic news!

Catholic World News
     Considered much smaller and far younger than larger competitors in the Church for news services, the Catholic World News Service has gained such an outstanding reputation for accuracy and loyalty to Rome in a phenomenally short time that it is fast losing the image of the mouse within the system to become the proud lion - like Saint Mark - proclaiming the truth solidly and with confident certainty. This site is different from any other for all they provide is the news, and they do it better than any Catholic service we know of. One thing is for sure, it is the most accurate news service on Catholic events and on the happenings within the Vatican. The site is affiliated with the renowned and respected Ignatius Press, headed by Father Joseph Fessio, SJ and is run by Philip F. Lawler who is also the editor of the equally respected monthly magazine The Catholic World Report. News that composes the "World Watch" section in the monthly The Catholic World Report, by and large, comes from the Catholic World News Service. However, unlike other news services that practically price themselves out of existence, CWN makes daily news available to all at their CWN site. Each day they post the news from around the world that is pertinent for Catholics as well as the latest from the Vatican through their Vatican Bureau. We have found the Vatican Updates from CWN are much more thorough than even the Vatican News Service. This is possibly because CWN has bureaus in Rome, as well as Washington D.C., London and arrangements with other news services overseas. This allows CWN to provide news that even the more recognized, but also more liberal CNS (Catholic News Service) doesn't offer. The site itself is fast and simple with the headlines listed right up front where the browser can go to the headline of choice.

Golden Chalice Award presented by the Daily CATHOLICGolden Chalice      One of the real benefits of this service is that anyone with an e-mail address can become their own news bureau with a very, very low subscription rate of $25 a year for news articles sent directly to the subscriber Monday through Friday. In addition they will soon be inaugurating, according to Phil, a "shortened summary version" of the news. Though the Daily CATHOLIC hopes to expand our NEWS & VIEWS to include other news services in order to possibly provide more photos, Catholic World News has been a staple of the Daily CATHOLIC's tremendous growth over the last three months and we will continue to rely first and foremost on CWN. We are appreciative of all they have provided and gratefully present our "Golden Chalice Award" to Catholic World News and confer FIVE Hail Mary's to this excellent site which provides an even more excellent service for anyone who can click a mouse. Because of their computerized services to all and their dedication to the truth, Catholic World News is indeed the "mouse that roared!"


March 9, 1998 volume 9, no. 48
Significant Site of the Week Award

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