A Call To Peace DAILY CATHOLIC for March 3
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Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit INTRODUCTION: These Meditative Lessons on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary which encompass the Passion and Death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ were imparted via both interior visions and interior locutions to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart from the Blessed Mother of God during Lent in 1993. Cyndi relates that, "while I saw many details in these interior visions, only certain details were to be written down. Therefore, these lessons are not meant to be a detailed geographical or historical account, nor are they meant to pinpoint all the intricate details one might wish to have knowledge of regarding the Passion of Our Lord...for the importance of each lesson lies not in the descriptive passage or dialogue, but in Our Lady's own meditations which follow each interior vision. These meditations are meant to strengthen us in our faith during this our exile - particularly in these end times when the Holy Catholic Church will be ripped apart by apostasy and schism...for Our Blessed Mother wants our faith to be as strong as an anchor. For our faith to be such, we must have the faith of a simple, little child." During Lent we bring these to you and ask the Holy Spirit to give all the enlightenment and discernment to learn and grow from these meditative lessons that all may persevere in the time of the Great Darkness which looms ever closer. For those who would like the complete works of "It is Consummated!, as well as the books on the Joyful Mysteries - "Come, Let us Adore Him", and the Glorious Mysteries - "My Lord and my God!", click on BOOKS.
Meditative Lesson 4:
Part One

It is Consummated!

          Dear Father, Our Lady bids me to continue.  She tells me that our world - all mankind - faces the gravest chastisement ever allowed by God.  She is a Mother who ceaselessly pleads for all of her children.  She expresses this to me in the words "constantly weeping" for all of her children.  She wants us to understand how much we are all loved, and how little we respond to that love.

          Having tested the Voice I proceed as directed.  Again, I understand that our Blessed Mother wants these lessons/meditations printed so that all of her little ones might be strengthened in the time of great darkness—the apostasy, schism, heresy and blasphemy which already cover the face of the earth.

    "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
    Matthew 5: 3

      It is late.  The moon is high and only a few night sounds fill the air, still war after the heat of the day.  This is Lazarus’ house, and it is bathed in moonlight and all within appear to be at rest.

      But not all, for I see that a small side gate leading into the enclosure of the flower garden opens.  It is Jesus who proceeds slowly, calmly into the place of peace and beauty.  He has on a white tunic and the faint moonlight highlights the sorrow upon His holy face which appears to  me to grow deeper, so as to be etched upon His face. His eyes, however, are clear, calm.  A veritable ocean of heavenly peace.

      Scarcely has he passed into the garden then another figure appears and follows our Lord’s own footsteps.  It is Lazarus.  He is of medium build, and not as tall as Jesus.  He has placed about his shoulders a lightweight mantle of dark color, as if he desired to be seen by no one other than Jesus.

      They meet, the Master and His faithful servant.  Lazarus’ face is filled with loving respect for Jesus.

      "The household rests," Lazarus informs Jesus.  "All are asleep except..."

      "Do not say the name, Lazarus.  I know he is not here."  Jesus’ sigh would melt the most hardened heart and Lazarus also bows his head, so as not to speak.  I understand it is Judas Iscariot of whom they speak, though they utter few worlds.

      "I have asked you to come now, my beloved disciple, that I might speak to you more freely."

      "Whatever I can do, Master.  You now that."

      "I know, Lazarus.  Your heart is pure and gives me solace."

      "Then remain here."

      "I cannot.  You know I must fulfill the Father’s will."

      "I - O! Master, I feel so helpless."

      "No, Lazarus, you have a very important mission at this appointed time.  I desire you to make your home a safe haven, a refuge for my apostles, even my disciples who, in the first hours and days of the sufferings I must endure will scatter like frightened birds pursued as wild prey."

      "Master, they may come here, always.  All I possess is Yours."

      "Truly, you have well understood My words concerning poverty and have always acted justly in the use of God’s providence.  Ah, Lazarus, in future generations you shall be the example for all upon whom the Father grants earthly riches.  Your life shall be for them a beacon to lead them in the way of abandonment and detachment.  Now as never before your very riches will serve as a shield against My enemies, and by your just life not even the High Priest and his cohorts shall touch you.  Therefore, yours is a place of safe refuge, holy and chaste.  Here I ask you to keep watch in the fateful hour and, through your faithful servants and your  holy sisters, to gather those whom fear puts to flight.

      "To you Jerusalem is open and the doors of many are not barred to you.  To your chaste ears good hearts will whisper where by flock has scattered, and you, my beloved servant, will gather them here until they can once more find unity through faith and prayer."

      "I will do it, Master.  You know that.  But,--"

      "Speak freely, Lazarus.  Your heart is open to Me."

      "May I not also be with You at that dreadful hour?  May I not stand and give witness in your favor?"

      "Lazarus, at that  hour only the voices of hell shall have speech.  The whole of Heaven shall remain mute, and the just shall cry out from their hearts, not with their voices.  My Father shall hear, and gather such faith unto Himself, that in all ages to come the voices of the demons shall be drowned out by the pure voice of faithful love."

      Lazarus accepts his role in perfect obedience and presses Jesus’ hands against his own.

      "My Lord, I do not know all that will follow.  But I a not afraid.  I died once and You, in Your merciful love, brought me back to life.  If, now, by my obedience, I can help to preserve the light among the people you have called, then I am willing to die again and again to assist You, Who are my Lord and God."

      "Your loving faith deserved the miracle, Lazarus.  And because those of the Temple witnessed My power over death, and can not dispute it, they shall kill Me in a futile attempt to remove Me from their lives and their hideous, evil power.  Speak to my disciples often of the miracle granted you, that all may believe that by My death, life itself triumphs.  All who believe in Me, who follow after My footsteps shall also rise as you did—but in Heaven in eternal glory."

      "And Your Mother?  I should wish Her to remain here also."

      "My Mother, along with certain of the holy women, will be with Me, that in all future generations mankind will recognize and respond to that role designed for woman from all eternity.  For women, strength lies in their open, loving hearts.  They are models of pure, chaste love.  And this the world will learn as I die in agony upon the cross and the women, with My Mother, are present.  No, I need you to be here.  Here is where you serve Me.  I am always with you, Lazarus.  You are my treasure.  I bless you. Let us go now to our rest.  The apostles, along with the women, will leave with Me for Jerusalem tomorrow."

      Lazarus kneels and Jesus blesses him and then, together, they leave the garden and return to the house, where the silence of the night covers all.


March 4, 1998     volume 9, no. 45    IT IS CONSUMMATED

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