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vol, 9
no. 61

The sacred has been restored with the death of Nothing Sacred!
         Events over the past week have given us a glimmer that the "good guys" are winning. Don't break out the champagne just yet, or light that victory cigar because we all know the final celebration won't be until the Blessed Virgin Mary's Immaculate Heart triumphs ushering in the glorious era of the Reign of the Sacred Heart - the new Era of Peace - the Second Pentecost. But in the small battles, God's side just scored a coup in two recent court decisions. One was the California Supreme Court's landmark decision that the Boy Scouts are not subject to the state's - and for that matter federal - civil rights laws and may exclude those who do not comply with the code of conduct and beliefs of this non-profit organization that is pure Americana. It's about time! In recent years noble organizations like the Scouts and others have been shackled by minority factions among the gay and lesbian movements and atheists who have pulled out all stops to conform to their thinking rather than the other way around. Could it be that finally the courts are realizing the insanity of these demands? Let's hope so. Satan has been running amok, turning everything topsy-turvy, while making the profane the norm, and the sacred the exception. The California verdict means the Boy Scouts can resume the high ideals they have always professed, expressing, without any specific religious affiliation, a strong belief in God and His Holy Laws - the same standards the United States of America were founded on. Hopefully this will detour the notion that "gayness" cannot be discriminated against; for anything that promotes sin should be discriminated against, discouraged and eradicated. For too long the politically correct pundit police have been trying to shove down America's throat the fact that gays have rights just as anyone else and demand the same civil rights as others. We can't do anything about the government or businesses, but when it comes to non-profit organizations such as the Scouts, and religious organizations, especially those within the Church, it preserves what is sacred and right. It reminds us of the flack the California Knights of Columbus took in the late eighties when they vociferously objected to Teddy Kennedy's membership in this renowned and traditional fraternity of Catholic men. They objected because the Massachusetts Senator openly promoted the sin of abortion and was sympathetic to the cause of gays and lesbians, two points that are not only foreign to all the Knights stand for, but to what God asks. For to be a Knight a man has to be a practicing Catholic in the good graces of the Church and, hopefully, in the state of grace. We agree with the California Knights that Teddy Kennedy, as well as other pro-abortion Catholic candidates, violated their contracts and should be dismissed. As a non-profit religious organization the K of C's just received a boost from the recent California decision on the Boy Scouts.

         That same issue of discrimination and non-profit religious organizations swung in favor of the Church yesterday when, on the 364th anniversary of the founding of Maryland, a federal judge in Baltimore overturned a lower court ruling that had tied the hands of Catholic administrators at St. John's Literary Institution at Prospect Hall in Frederick, Maryland. Authorities at the school had expelled star basketball player Gerald Wilkens and a girlfriend, both black, because of illicit sexual behavior on the school grounds. The earlier decision, forcing the school to reinstate them, had weakened any chance for enforcing discipline and morals at this prestigious Catholic high school in a well-to-do Baltimore suburb. Discrimination was claimed by the expelled students because they were black, and clout was leveled by the student's parents - influential in the media where Wilkins' dad plays in the NBA and his mother is a White House correspondent. But, again, finally a semblance of order was restored because the higher court determined they were not dismissed because they were black, but rather because they had violated the agreement they made when they enrolled at this Catholic school: to obey the laws of the school and God's laws as well as respect for the Catholic Church. Though the students' lawyers claimed the school had broken their contractual agreement with them because of the dismissal, they failed to realize they had broken their contractual agreement with the school, the Church, and God by abusing the privileges they were given. Because it is a money school where mostly affluent parents send their offspring, often times pressure can come to bear that compromises the principals of Catholicism for fear of losing the almighty dollar. Thankfully, the administrators here stood strong and tall, upholding morals and necessary discipline. Thankfully, the courts saw the insanity of the students' case and threw it out.

         Speaking of "throwing something out," that whoop of happy yells you heard came from the camp of loyal Catholics the other day when the annoucement was made that ABC Television network - along with their parent company the Disney Corporation - both stubborn to the end, finally faced the music and pulled the plug on Nothing Sacred, that sad excuse for the liberals' platform to flaunt their portrait of what "they think" the Church in America should be. Gone are the likes of Father Ray and his ilk who haunted the nether regions of the Nielsens for months as the consistently lowest-rated network show of the new season. Those liberal prelates and religious, who spent a wad on a full page ad to petition people to watch and encourage Disney and ABC to "keep up the good work and keep it on the air" by signing their names to the ad which ran in major newspapers throughout the country and which praised this dud, while degrading Touched by an Angel, must be crying in their beer today, just as Call To Action did when they mustered only 35,000 signatures against the Pope after a ballyhooed campaign touting that they would raise over a million signatures and "wake the Pope up!" To rub salt in the modernists' wounds, a group of conservative, loyal Seton Hall Catholic High School students, backed by Human Life International, raised 95,000 in only a few months and presented it personally to the Holy Father last November as a show of their support for him. What it all comes down to is that "Nothing Sacred" was just another failed campaign by the liberals who are trying to foist their minority opinions on the the majority in the Church, trying to forge their agenda in the face of God's Will. Maybe the people are finally waking up to these frauds, maybe they're hep to the lies and self-agendas of the radical rabble-rousers within the Church, maybe the courts are also opening their eyes to what is really going on and maybe, just maybe they're going to help put the inmates back in their proper cells within the asylum of modernism and political correctness. We can only hope, pray, and give thanks that, at least this past week, sanity has returned and the sacred has been restored with the death of Nothing Sacred!

Michael Cain, editor

March 26, 1998       volume 9, no. 61
Today's Catholic Pewpoint Editorial

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