DAILY CATHOLIC for March 13-15, 1998

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vol, 9, no. 52

Historical Events in Church Annals for March 13:

  • 732 A.D. Death of Saint Gerald of County Mayo, abbot

  • 1138 A.D. Conrad III, King of Germany, is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Innocent II

  • 1462 A.D. The first bible manuscript is put on the press - the Gutenberg press. From this time on, not only would everyone be able to hear the word, but see the word. However, when the word was changed by those who thought they knew better, the road led away from Rome and division was the result

  • 1493 A.D. Christopher Columbus leaves Lisbon, Portugal

  • 1516 A.D.
  • Charles of Hapsburg is coronated as the King of Spain by Pope Leo X

  • 1615 A.D. Pope Innocent XII was born of aristocratic parents near Spanazzola, Italy

  • Historical Events in Church Annals for March 14:

  • 968 A.D. Death of Saint Matilda, Queen of Germany and mother of Otto the Great, the first Holy Roman Emperor

  • 1009 A.D. Death of Saint Boniface, Apostle of Germany

  • 1313 A.D. The Scots retake Edinburgh Castle from the English

  • 1558 A.D. King Ferdinand of Spain assumes the title of Emperor without being crowned by Pope Paul IV because of the pontiff's alignment with Spain's bitter enemy France

  • Historical Events in Church Annals for March 15:

  • 44 B.C. the Ides of March when Julius Caesar is murdered in the Senate

  • 459 A.D. Attila the Hun, the Scourge of Rome who was turned away at the gates of Rome when he met face to face with Pope Leo the Great, dies

  • 933 A.D. King Henry V of Germany, husband of Saint Matilda, defeats the Magyars opening more regions to receive the Holy Faith

  • 1147 A.D. During the Second Crusade, King Alphonso I of Portugal captures the Moors fortress at Santarem to preserve the Holy Catholic Church in the southern regions in the West

  • 1330 A.D. Azzone Visconti, aligned with the antipope Nicholas V wrests control in Milan despite the protests of Pope John XXII

  • 1493 A.D. Christopher Columbus returns to Spain from Hispaniola

  • 1561 A.D. The Portuguese envoy and missionary to the Munhumutapa in southeast Africa Father da Silveira is martyred

  • 1875 A.D. Archbishop John McCloskey of New York City is named the first American cardinal by Pope Pius IX

  • March 13-15, 1998       volume 9, no. 52

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