DAILY CATHOLIC    THURSDAY     June 4, 1998     vol. 9, no. 108


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Historical Events in Church Annals for June 4:

  • 597 A.D.
  • Baptism of Saint Ethelbert, King of Kent, by Saint Augustine of Canterbury. This christening allowed Ethelbert to become the first Christian monarch of England and prompted a mass conversion among his subjects as well as neighboring kings of the Saxons and Angles during his 56-year reign.

  • 1039 A.D.
  • Death of Conrad II, king of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor who essentially was not in the mold of his predecessor Henry II, but rather responsible for beginning over two-centuries of harrassment and power struggle with the Vatican beginning with Pope John XIX in 1024 through Pope Clement IV in 1268.

  • 1133 A.D.
  • Pope Innocent II crowns Lothair III as Holy Roman Emperor who was not as bad as Conrad II, but nevertheless still gave the papacy plenty of headaches.

  • 1365 A.D.
  • Charles IV is coronated as King of Burgundy. It was Charles, who besides Saint Catherine of Siena played an important role in convincing Pope Blessed Urban V to abandon the 70-year Avignon exile and return the papacy to Rome.

  • 1608 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Francis Caracciolo, a prior and master of novices for the Minor Clerks Regular, an order which he had co founded, devoted his life to God after being cured of Leprosy in his early twenties. He co-founded the Order dedicated to administering to the sick in hospitals and prisons. He was purported to have had the gifts of prophecy and ecstacy and after his death many miracles were attributed to his intercession, prompting Pope Pius VII to canonize him in 1808.

June 4, 1998       volume 9, no. 108


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