DAILY CATHOLIC     WEDNESDAY     June 3, 1998     vol. 9, no. 107


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Time to break out the fresh air purifier of prayer!

          When something starts to foul the air, it is the custom in our modern-convenience world to break out the air fresheners to clear the air of the stenches offending us. There are a few stenches we would like to see eradicated and which we need to clear the air on today. They regard a few announcements made late last week, one by the president of the United States and the other two related to the Gay movement. There are many current events that disappoint, but few that foul the air with deceit and the putrid air of satan as the ones we will elaborate on today.

          The course of several current events must bring sadness to the Merciful Heart of Jesus and His dear Mother Mary's Sorrowful Heart in this month dedicated to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. First of all, Bill Clinton is at it again. Trying to coverup the scandal of sin amid the scrutiny of an independent counsel's investigation, the president is going on the offensive and, by it, filling the air with an odor most offensive. He has done this in a myriad of ways from approving abortion and the homosexual lifestyle in inadvertantly promoting the culture of death, to living a lifestyle that exudes a stench of amorality, far from the highest values expected from the chief executive of the land. Now he's at it again, blatantly attacking Congress' push for a prayer amendment, claiming that children's rights to religious expression are well represented and we don't need a prayer amendment, which has been actively promoted by Christian coalitions and conservatives. If what Clinton says is true, then why are there so many law suits and restraining orders against Christmas creches, crosses in public locations, restrictions from praying in school, etc? Clinton claims the First Amendment protects the right to allow voluntary prayer in schools, but that is a smokescreen that has allowed so many loopholes for such organizations as the ACLU to exploit and tangle the courts up in knots for years. It's time, Mr. President, to take the power out of the courts and put it where it belongs in the hands of the people through an amendment to the Constitution in a nation under God and the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Only in that way can we clear the air of another agenda being masterminded by that denison of the deep regions of hell!

          We're also disappointed in the story that ran yesterday on these pages about the Manhattan Theater Club reversing its decision to cancel the aberration of a play depicting the Son of God as a homosexual by controversial playwright Terrence McNally. Probably the most hideous aspect is the sacriligeous title. McNally is calling his atrocity "Corpus Christi". If this doesn't wreak of satan, nothing does! Yet the Theater, just days after having the courage to cancel it, did an about face after heavy pressure from liberals and gay factions and announced the show will go on. You haven't heard the end of this one yet for we suspect William Donohue, the crusading head of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights will mount a strong campaign against it ever seeing the light of day. If anyone doubts his resolve and clout, look at the League's track record. Their steady lobbying against ABC's teledrama "Nothing Sacred" about a liberal priest and his cohorts who portrayed the Church as a cafeteria of sorts, was highly successful in not only garnering national attention, but in being the main nail that sealed the show's coffin. In fact, the League is a bane to liberals who make no bones they don't like Donohue and claim he is only one voice crying in the wilderness. That's all right. Didn't the prophet Isaias equate the "voice of one crying in the wilderness" to another who made a difference? Someone called John the Baptist! So while we're disappointed the play is back on, we're not disappointed that it is going to face fierce opposition.

          Speaking of disappointed, in an article out of Boston this weekend we read where a study by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force claims there is more acceptance to gays receiving equal rights in society and government today. However, almost in the same paragraph they admit that overall approval of homosexuality is only 56 percent in 1997 compared to a high of 75 percent in the late 1980's and that gay men and lesbians remain one of the least-accepted groups in the country. Let's hope it continues to decline. The director of the task force, Urvashi Vaid (that's not a typo, folks, that's his name) is quoted as saying "I think the lesson for us out of this data is that the strategy of education and the continued effort we expend on public education is more important than ever." Reread that last quote and ask yourself what you can do, other than praying, to help curtail this propaganda that is permeating our schools and society in an overt campaign to force God-fearing citizens to accept something that is against everything the Almighty intended. We touched on this danger last week about school curriculums today and the permissive attitude we are being forced to accept if we are to be politically correct in a society that is morally incorrect. And there it is in black and white, straight from the horse's mouth (we'd like to substitute another similar animal here instead of a horse - one related to the equine family but more linked to being a beast of burden - but we weren't sure which end was appropriate!) It is a great danger that permeates every fiber of our lifestyles and we can be thankful we have the backbone of Holy Mother Church to guide us and such astute watchdogs as William Donohue and the League to wake us up to what is happening in our society right under our noses. Yes, that odor reeking through society today is the rancid air of sin being fanned by that stinker from hades. As we mentioned above, when something fouls the air, disinfectants are the only resolve. For Catholics, with what is happening in society today, it's time to break out the fresh air purifier of prayer!

Michael Cain, editor