DAILY CATHOLIC     THURSDAY     June 11, 1998     vol. 9, no. 113


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Quality of priests is of much more benefit than quantity of priests!

          It has been said that "one rotten apple can spoil the barrel." There have been documented accounts of several priests who have spoiled the "barrel" - namely their flock - through their actions which have not only caused scandal, but deep pscyhosis in many faithful who were directly involved, especially in cases involving the sick sin of pedophilia. In the past, the Church moved slowly, partly out of respect for the office the priest held and partly because definitive proof was not available to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the priest was guilty. During this process the local bishop either would move the "offender" to another environment or whisk him off to a rehabilitation "detox" center in a remote desert or mountain facility. Sadly, this disease, spread by satan, was not so easily cured. The whole ugly pedophilia mess came to a head last summer in Dallas when a jury ruled in favor of the victims who had sued the Diocese of Dallas. The decision has crippled the Diocese with the verdict dictating that the Diocese fork over a record 119.5 million dollars to the victims, with the attorneys taking a good share of the pie. That's another reason for the plethora of pedophilia trials in the last few years. It's a pay-day either way for lawyers and they flock like ambulance chasers to these types of cases, playing on the emotions and lurid details of such circumstances. More and more cases have cropped up and the court decisions are about 50-50 in convictions. It isn't just in the United States. In Austria the Cardinal was forced to retire and the Pope replaced him because of proven pedaphilia accusations. Though this sick sin has probably been with us since Old Testament times, it is only in the last few decades when it has been given the serious recognition needed. In fact, in this editor's Webster's College Dictionary (which I have used for nearly 40 years), the word "pedophile" isn't even listed! Another fact is that just as many other denominations have been guilty and susceptible to this sick malady as Roman Catholic priests, in fact even more Baptists and Protestants than Catholics, but the Catholic Church gets the ink and since "Catholic-bashing" is fashionable today, the false prophets of today - the media - plaster the accusations on front page headlines and teasers for the 11 o'clock news. No wonder it is such a headache for Church leaders and the faithful. The Magisterium, over the years, has been accused of burying the facts in what is commonly called a "cover up." In some instances, this was, sadly, true, such in Dallas where the former rector of the seminary and the former vicar general knew of Rudy Kos' sick leanings, but kept it hushed. But in most instances, the cover-ups were more out of frustration and ignorance. As mentioned earlier, this is a sad phenomena that has just come to the surface in the last few decades in recognizing and realizing the danger. Up to recently there were no courses in the seminary, no special safeguards - other than prayer and the support of fellow priests - to deal with this growing malady. It is a known fact that the two things bishops don't want to deal with are the two "P" words - Private Revelation and Pedophilia! The former is a positive addition that is intended by Heaven to help that bishop's particular diocese and spread from there, but so many bishops don't want to get involved. Consequently, many bury their heads in the sand, look the other way hoping and praying they will just go away. In some instances the private revelations are either stopped by Heaven, or directed in another direction. As for pedophila, however, it doesn't work that way for while one "P" word comes from God, the other stems from the evil one.

          Once a disease takes hold, desperate measures must be taken to eradicate the menace. Such a desperate measure was taken this week by Cardinal Bernard Law in the Archdiocese of Boston when he not only removed a retired priest guilty of pedophilia committed over twenty years ago, but defrocked him - the first ever in the Boston See to be so humiliated. As we stated in Tuesday's News & Views headlines, "It's about time!" Only by the bishops standing up to these atrocities and uniting in an effort to eradicate this abnormal cancer can the Church be assured of a fair trial in the court of public opinion and in the court of responsibility before God. By warning all - both clergy and laity - of the dangers inherent for both perpetrator and victim and the fallout to the faithful - more people will not only be aware, but take extra measures to see this never happens again.

          While this sickness is just coming to full light in the late nineties, it is something the Blessed Mother prophesied many times, specifically at La Salette regarding the abnormalities of our times. She foretold of an invasion of men who would rise in the clerical ranks to high posts and who would do much to damage the name of her Divine Son's Church and do grave scandal and harm to His children. It is documented that homosexuals and dissidents infiltrated the seminaries thirty to fourty years ago, and the results of those who have escaped the scrutiny of their superiors is that some of these "Church-wreckers" have been appointed to high posts in seminaries, parishes and even dioceses and have wreaked their venom from there, invecting their perverted practices into the mainstream as acceptable and doing all they could to drum out those who were loyal to Jesus and His Holy Church. Thus, over the past three to four decades the Church has been undermined to the point where it has been weakened by many "rotten apples" that have tainted the "barrels" producing bruised and rotting fruit that satan has stirred into a sour cider that dilutes the truths of Holy Mother Church. Now , finally, the Church is fighting back, ridding the barrels of all the rotten fruit they can, and planting new seeds that will bear great fruit but not until after the glorious Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Until that time of fruition, we are left with a severe shortage as the barrel has been cleaned out. So many good priests are dying off and very few young ones to take their place. The Holy Father is doing his part by placing responsible, loyal and, for the most part, conservative prelates in diocesan seats throughout the world, but so much damage has been done over the years by liberals and those men whose own agenda superceded God's Will, that we are indeed in a time of famine. Our Lady has told us of these times and they will get worse before they get better. That is not gloom and doom, but wise counsel from Our Lord and His Blessed Mother Who have imparted over the past two centuries in numerous apparitions and messages that there will come a time when we will long for the Holy Eucharist and It won't be as readily available as before. With the shortage of priests and the increase of bad priests finally being exposed, the fulfillment of these prophecies are all too inevitable.

          So one might think: "well if we need priests so badly, why not reclimate these priests, place them in environments where they won't be tempted?" All well and good, but once the apple has began rotting, short of a miraculous cure by Heaven, it will continue to rot and spoil every apple it comes in contact with. One might also chime in with the tired refrain of the modernists: "then why not allow married priests which could more than double the ranks of the priesthood, or allow women to be ordained, thereby quadrupling the numbers?" Had this been the case, don't you think Jesus would have appointed more than twelve Apostles? If Christ had intended women to be priests wouldn't Mary Magdalene, Martha, and especially His very Own Mother have been the first candidates? Our Lord had a reason for only appointing twelve, which many point to the fact that it represents the twelve tribes of Israel and the perfect number to replace the Old Covenant with the New Covenant as He dispatched them to all corners of the earth just as the twelve tribes had done at Abraham's beckoning. The fact Christ did not swell the numbers with more, but left His charges to the care of Saint Peter as the appointed head of His Church and left it to just twelve of His chosen Apostles to spread His teaching to all as He charged in Matthew 28: 19-20, Mark 16: 15 and Luke 24: 47-49, is just another verification that the priesthood remain intact as it has since the Council of Trent. As Jesus proved in His time, and the Cardinal of Boston is proving now: quality of priests is of much more benefit than quantity of priests!

Michael Cain, editor